12 Days of Christmas: Week 1

Happy December! When Grant and I were first married we started a yearly tradition of The 12 Days of Christmas. In the past it was a gift given to each other every other day for 12 days (last one given on December 23rd). This clearly isn’t what the actual meaning of 12 Days of Christmas is but is a fun alternative to stocking stuffer gifts. 💁🏼‍♀️

This year I decided to change up that tradition. With having kids, I thought it would be fun to make memories with different activities/events (some we already do each year) that we can all take-part in! So basically it’s our Christmas Bucket List for the 12 Days.
Days 1-3 looked a little like this:

On the First Day of Christmas
our House was (almost) all decorated for Christmas. With the Christmas music in full swing and the stockings hung with care we are loving the warmth & Joy this season brings.

Grayson Quinn’s room is a classic Red Truck theme

with our long-standing Charlie Brown Christmas Tree👌🏼 That just so happens to sing an old favorite 😂 (Shout out to Aunt Shell)

A Monogram Stocking on the door–
for extra surprises throughout the season🎅🏼

and this adorable Lasting Lite Emporium sleeve to add to the Red Truck theme!

Red Truck Theme
Pillow CaseRed Truck PillowCharlie Brown TreeMonogram Stocking

The loft has an added touch of my favorite #rosegold

and for the rest of the decor–Our Tartan Christmas

On the 2nd Day Of Christmas
we attempted to build & decorate a Red Truck “Gingerbread House”

Needless to say our truck, well it never came to life but we had a great time making it!

On the 3rd Day of Christmas
we baked Christmas cookies⛄️

A Christmas Tradition
Aside from the 12 Days of Christmas activities we have been keeping it lively with our typical Christmas traditions and new fun finds! This year we didn’t make it to our beloved Festival of Trees at the Embassy but we did find a little something close to home😂 Our town put on it’s own Festival of Trees!

Well that’s a wrap for our first couple of Days of Christmas!