12 Days of Christmas: Week 2

Last week was a little bit of a whirlwind, to say the least! Our 12 Days of Christmas “bucket list” was put on hold but there still was plenty of Christmas Cheer, ha!

We had Grant’s Shambaugh Christmas party– Always a fun date night we look forward to each year! So proud of all his hard work!!

On Monday, Grant brought me a fun surprise –this flocked tree! I mean how adorable😍

Grayson ended up being sick most of the week, so we didn’t get out much, but did make the most of our time in.
He loved reading our advent book and lighting the candles that go with each day! One of the activities for the week was to decorate your tree for Christmas.

Our tree decorating was all done except for the flocked tree! I was planning to leave it empty since the simple white brings #allthefeels ❤️ but when your Christmas cards need a place to reside why not add them to the tree?! This way, as we gather for meals we can choose a new couple/family to pray for each day!
So we hung a few Christmas cards🎄

When Grayson’s fever lifted for a day we dashed out for a few errands and to the coffee shop to meet Grant. Long story short Grayson and I took a topple as I was carrying him in and 24 hours later I was being released from the Labor & Delivery unit, ha! Thankful to be out and all is well. (No baby yet lol🤰🏼)

We managed to get “1 day of Christmas” in…

On the 4th Day of Christmas
we watched White Christmas and made appetizers for dinner. Let’s just say it’s not Christmas without this movie! ❤️

Well that was our week! I hope you are enjoying all of the Christmas festivities– only 7 days until Christmas!