2020, A New Adventure

Happy 2020! Another year, another adventure!!

I truly hope 2019 ended well for you. Sentimental as it may be, it’s always great looking back on the year and seeing all of the ways God was at work!

Hope was my word for 2019. I chose hope because it was a word that transformed my perspective on the everyday mundane things. When we hope for something we trust that it will happen, look to it in great anticipation, or strive towards it. Having hope in 2019, allowed me to fully trust God in ways that I normally would’ve feared or been hesitant to do on my own. In my opinion 2019 ended well! There are always things I wish I would’ve done better but that’s the beauty of the new year I can hope for new change to come and work to better what wasn’t!

2020 is certainly bringing new things! One in particular is the anticipation of adding a new little to our familyπŸ’™ We have thoroughly enjoyed making the most of our time as a family of three and to commemorate this time we took a little Family Babymoon right before Thanksgiving. The time together was so refreshing β˜€οΈ

More recently was a family of three-date night, one taken in honor of Grayson Quinn’s last moments as an only child, ha! He chose fish for dinner and then tried out bowling for the first time🎳

Favorite quote of the evening was when Grayson came over to me and said, “Daddy is doing a great job!” 😍 As always time with these 2 was memorable!

I am so excited for baby #2 and what this looks like for our family! Yes, being truly honest it makes me emotional thinking of all of the fun we’ve had just us three, all the ways God has worked through me with being a first time mama, and to think that so much more is to come is a bit scary! (That’s why most times I just don’t think about it, ha!) But seriously, that hope that I talked about last year doesn’t have to end in 2019, trusting God and seeking hope in Him is going to make this family of 4 thing amazing!

More New for 2020:
Grant turns 30- January 10th
I turn 30- June 20th
Grant’s Michigan Project is completed–October 2020
Another move on the horizon– TBD