5 Things I’m THANKFUL For

Today I am sharing 5 things I am THANKFUL for! It is definitely a very short list among many blessings but wanted to share what God has laid on my heart! As the day before Thanksgiving marks the start of the busiest time of year, I encourage you and yours to make time to cherish whatever it is that you are THANKFUL for!

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Living in California for a full year, it has been incredible to see the people who God has placed in our path, and for them I am THANKFUL!  Several of those people are:

  • The family and friends who have supported us by traveling west to visit or encouraged us at a distance.
  • A new community of believers at Crossroads Turlock, especially our Bible Study couples.  It’s been wonderful to have people nearby to share life with!
  • One of the first couple’s we were greeted by at Crossroads has several daughters, one of which, Nicole, babysits Grayson.  She is awesome! She loves God & Grayson and is so sweet–Grant keeps saying he’d love to adopt her (although I’m pretty sure she’s old enough to be our sister lol). THANKFUL for you Nicole!
  • The group of people who are working on the Valley Milk Project with Grant, have been extremely hospitable and just a lot of fun getting to know!  

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I am THANKFUL for the freedoms and luxuries we have here in America. Growing up in the States, sometimes I forget just how great we have it (especially with everything going on), but after traveling overseas this year, I am reminded of just how much I love the USA. #patriotic


God has blessed Grant and me with a beautiful baby boy!  He has used this little mister to teach me more than I knew was possible and it’s those moments that I am THANKFUL for.  One in particular is Grayson’s heart!  I look back on March-June, our waiting period for his follow-up cardiologist appointment (for the holes in his heart) and I am humbled that God completely healed it. God’s miraculous hand is something to be THANKFUL for, as is our health! Grayson Quinn, I am THANKFUL to be your mommy.


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Cliché as it might be I am THANKFUL for my husband, Grant! I can’t begin to thank him enough for all of the effort he puts into making our family great– relationship with Christ, husband, daddy, etc–he’s killing it!  Don’t get me wrong, we have our fair share of struggles, but I am just THANKFUL for that guy. I love how well we balance each other out and how he challenges me daily to be better in so many ways! Grant, I love doing life with you and I am THANKFUL God allowed us to meet 9+ years ago.


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Last, but definitely not least, I am THANKFUL for Christ’s sacrifice for me on the cross and the relationship I have with my heavenly Father because of it!   It’s from Him that all good things come, and by Him that I’m able to share what I am THANKFUL for on this day.