8 Week Ultrasound

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Tomorrow, Friday, January 19th– Turlock Pregnancy & Health Center is having a Diaper Dash. All of the details👇🏼

24785327_10155937498945148_4747252083769207783_oI would love for you to help me in donating to their dash!! Why?!  Let me share how they played a crucial part in my pregnancy journey!

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In July of 2016, when Grant and I found out we were pregnant, I set up our first doctor’s visit.  This visit was set at our doctor’s office in Indiana, right before we moved to California– they allowed us to go earlier than normal since we were moving.  I set an appointment for what I thought would be about 8 weeks into the pregnancy (when they normally like you to come at 12-13 weeks for the first ultrasound).

We arrived at our appointment where they performed the first ultrasound.   To our surprise, this wasn’t as normal as we had hoped. The ultrasound tech showed us the embryo attached to the yolk sac but wasn’t able to hear a heartbeat at that time.  She seemed a little flustered which made me a little flustered and then we were sent to a room to wait for Dr. Levenda. After anxiously waiting she came in to tell us that there was no heartbeat at this time, but it might be too early to hear one.  She said all may be normal if I wasn’t as far along as I thought (5 or 6 weeks instead of 8)! But being unsure, she recommended that in approximately 2 weeks (once we were in Cali) we call a local OBGYN, tell them the situation, and ask to get another ultrasound. Otherwise we would have to wait a month and a half until we were back in Indiana for another follow-up.

I left the office teary eyed and a little fearful but confident knowing it was all in God’s hands!  The next couple of weeks I just prayed for a healthy ultrasound and didn’t spend time thinking about all of the “what-ifs” that can lend to worry–especially since I wanted to enjoy the beginning of our west coast chapter of life!

Once we were settled in California, I started calling several doctor’s offices and hospitals trying to set up an ultrasound.  Since we hadn’t switched our care from Indiana, no one would see us for an ultrasound. {I wasn’t ready to switch from Dr. Levenda in Indiana so it was looking like we were out of luck.} Then, Grant thought of the local Pregnancy Center.  I was hesitant but realized we didn’t have many other options lol.  I called and explained our situation and to my surprise, they said they would help us stating, “We are here to help people in the community, and if this is a way we can help, then we would love to!”

Our 2nd ultrasound was set! Arriving at the clinic, we were greeted by several friendly faces.  They took us through the typical client course of action, allowing us a unique perspective into the mission of their clinic. The nurse talked to us about our move to Cali and asked if we were connected with a local church.  She shared where she went and was extremely welcoming!  It was encouraging to see that there is a place such as this that exists for those who are struggling with moving forward in their current, often unplanned, pregnancy.

Then, the moment we had been waiting for was here.  They prepped me for the ultrasound–by this point I was extremely nervous, unsure what to expect!!  And then, up on the monitor popped the image of our little baby accompanied by the sound of the heart beat! This was amazing, hearing our baby’s heart beat!!💙


Relieved, I didn’t care to look at the screen anymore; for some reason I never liked ultrasounds, probably because of my first experience.  They told us that we were measuring at about 7-8 weeks and that baby was healthy and progressing as normal!

As we finished up our appointment the nurse brought in a baby gift…these little booties!

fullsizeoutput_2605A handful of local ladies had made them for the Center to give to their clients! {It’s funny that they were blue, not even knowing we had little Grayson Quinn on the way}💙 God’s hand was definitely at work in orchestrating our appointment at the clinic!  I can’t begin to express my appreciation for the ladies there, who went the extra mile, in caring for a non-typical client!

The Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center definitely went above and beyond and I would like to do the same in helping give a little back.  With that, I hope you will prayerfully consider giving to this Diaper Dash Fundraiser alongside me!

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 8.51.20 AMTo help out, I am collecting and matching monetary donations (up to $500) over the next 24 hour time period. Together, we could give over 6,000 diapers to the Center at this time tomorrowJanuary 19th! ($1 donation = approx. 4 diapers) You can follow our dash through my Instagram Story or check back on this blog post for pictures and updates including amount raised💲, diapers purchased🛒 and delivery to the Center✔️!!

To make your donation of any amount go ⬇️

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Contact me with any questions on
how to complete your donation!

Total Raised= $400
Total Diapers Donated= 2,822

Thanks to everyone who gave, the Turlock Pregnancy & Health Center
was extremely grateful for your donations!!