A Date With My {little} Valentine

Happy ❤️ Day!! You probably know by now, that I love love love celebrating holidays!  Why not when it gives you a reason for making special memories and setting aside extra time for family, friends, and of course food!!  This Valentine’s Day I’m sharing my mini list of how I celebrated with my (little) Valentine!

screen-shot-2018-02-14-at-6-12-02-pm.pngWe are starting out our day by dressing in a little pink and red to celebrate.  Thanks to a friend for Grayson’s shirt & vest, mine just an old favorite tucked away in the closet.


This was Valentine’s Day 2016– A random sweater that I rarely wore and just like that it’s perfect for the occasion!


So no need to buy something special (but that’s always fun too😉), just search in your wardrobe for a little festive coloring!!❤️💜

screen-shot-2018-02-14-at-6-12-30-pm-e1518660994912.pngGrayson and I indulged in these fun chocolate dipped strawberries🍓


Never mad about fruit and chocolate!! (I guess he isn’t either, especially since he had the entire strawberry in his mouth, stem and all😳)

 There are so many fun ideas out there for Valentine’s treats, so if not these pick your favorite to share with your littles!! To make these all you need are:  Strawberries, sprinkles, and the key ingredient is Ghirardelli Melting Wafers👌🏼



Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 6.13.49 PM
Today we made these fun candy heart bags!


Since Grayson is a little young to complete his own craft, he helped by chewing on the candy wrappers, making lots of messes, and had lots of belly laughs!




Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 6.14.18 PM
I thought spreading love to others would be a fun way to take the typical “Valentine’s Love” to a new level– hoping to reflect a little of the love that Christ has shown us!  Grayson and I delivered our candy heart bags to the Nurses that helped with him at Emmanuel Hospital. Just a little thank you for putting their ❤️ into nursing!!


Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 6.14.58 PM
Lastly I hope that whatever you chose to do with the special people in your life, that you simply enjoyed the time together.


Valentine’s Day has truly been a blast, spending it with my {little} Valentine!


And the evening with my actual Valentine!

I would love to hear how you celebrated with your Valentine?!👇🏼

Once again, Happy ❤️ Day!
{Until next time, Stay Classy}