A Few of my Favorite Things

Happy FridayūüéČ Today I am sharing a few of my favorite “baby” things! ¬†I have been asked by many of you about some of my baby gear for Grayson and so I thought I would share more details about them. Here are my top ten!IMG_353E9A8C044D-1

1. The dockAtot¬†has by far been my favorite piece of equipment! ¬†I did¬†minimal research on this before registering for it, but thought it looked like a good idea for naps. The few reviews I saw were positive and so I thought I would try it out! Let me say that this has exceeded my expectations! We use it for naps, sleeping at night, “sun time”, and travel. Basically we use it all of the time, everywhere for everything lol. It started out as the perfect napping device– Grayson slept in it for naps (still does) and I could move him around to different rooms while I was working etc. ¬†We laid him in front of the window in it to help with jaundice and continue to do so for that Vitamin D ‚ėÄÔłŹ Now as he gets a little older he is starting to move around more, even turning over on his stomach. ¬†This can cause him to accidentally wake up; so the Dock has been perfect to keep him from doing so! ¬†It’s also great for travel. I thought I would take our pack n’ play with us on trips but seeing as I already have enough luggage to tote around I have been taking the Dock with us! It fits perfectly into our large suitcase and so eliminates an additional bag! ¬†#loveit¬† If you have been debating one, I would highly recommend trying it out for your little one. If you purchase one, follow the link above and receive $10 off!

2. ¬†We absolutely love our stroller, car seat, and bassinet system. ¬†When I say we I mean all three of us. ¬†Grant has told me several times, “Thanks for finding nice baby gear that works great, I love it!” As for Grayson, I just assume he likes them since he does so great in them! ūüíĀ¬† I registered for the Nuna Mixx Stroller System and Pipa Car seat. ¬†I did a lot more research on these pieces¬†as I wanted a good car seat and a stroller that would hold up well with heavy use from travel. ¬†I also picked them because I loved the look! ¬†I may be the only one who likes a nice looking system but hey it’s all preference. I will say that these pieces aren’t cheap and you can tell that when using them! #caddyonwheels #worthit ¬†The bassinet¬†is a large piece but breaks down nicely for storage or traveling. ¬†It’s perfect for Grayson to be able to stretch out and sleep on-the-go! We switch back and forth between the car seat and the bassinet when using the stroller. ¬†There is another piece that comes with the system for when he is bigger that also attaches to the stroller base. ¬†Basically, it’s amazing and worth the extra money!!

3. ¬†The next item that I have grown¬†to love is the Ergobaby 360 cool air mesh carrier. ¬†I originally bought this for Grant as a gift for his hiking adventures (the reason I got the cool air mesh one) and actually made fun of it thinking I would never use that thing!! ¬†#neversaynever ¬†I registered for the Moby wrap for myself and found that I didn’t really like how it worked or lack there of, but I know a lot of people who love it! #figureoutwhatworksforyou ¬†Since the wrap didn’t work¬†I tried out the Ergo and what do you know, love it! ¬†If you purchase this make sure you get the infant insert so that you can use it while they are small too. ¬†I used it through the airport and on the plane and it was great! ¬†It’s easy to take on and off without trying to re-wrap yourself like I would have to with the Moby. ¬†Grant used it when we hiked! It kept Grayson warm when parts of the trail were cold but allowed circulation for air to flow when they were hot and sweaty! ¬†This is a great, easy-to-use piece!

4. Smaller items I have found to be super helpful:
Canopy/Poncho– Great as a stroller cover, can be used as nursing poncho and swaddle too. ¬†I prefer this nursing cover instead. ¬†The nursing cover allows you to see the baby, get everything situated, and isn’t hot and sweaty like the¬†poncho.¬†ūüėÖ
Muslin Burp Cloths– These are amazing! ¬†I wasn’t sure how many I would need or if I would like them but I recently ordered more to have plenty. ¬†#lessloadsoflaundry I personally like the white but¬†they come in different colors too!
California Baby ProductsРI must confess I solely registered for this gift set because we are living in California and I thought it would be cute!  But, I fell in love!  I have the calming gift set and added the diaper area cleaner too.  They smell great, my set has the lavender essential oil scent, they are soft on the skin, and all natural.  California Baby has a ton of products to choose from so check them out!!
Changing Mat– This mat has been a lifesaver! With being on-the-go a lot, I just keep it in the diaper bag or my purse and then it allows me to always have a clean place to change Grayson along with a couple diapers and wipes. ¬†It’s perfect!!
Travel¬†Bottle Warmer– ¬†For this warmer you heat water to boiling, fill the canister and take it with you! I did some research on this product vs. other travel warmers and here is what I found… Most¬†of the other ones need¬†to be plugged into a cigarette lighter receptacle so they aren’t fully portable, like for a plane. ¬†This one can be taken through security empty and then ask for boiling hot water once you get through. It fits most bottle types–I have Avent bottles and they work great in it. ¬†It also heats up jars with baby food and cereals. ¬†I have put boiling water in it in the morning and got home in the evening and it was still steaming hot! ¬†It works great!!

5. ¬†The last baby item is the Savannah Zippered tote from Barrington Gifts.¬† It took me forever to decide on a diaper bag. ¬†Several were recommended to me but I wasn’t sure which one I wanted. ¬†I knew I didn’t want it to look like a diaper bag, but didn’t mind it looking a little like a tote vs a purse. ¬†This way I could potentially use it for an overnight bag for Grayson if he needed it for just a night or two. ¬†I also wanted it to zip, have pockets, be durable, and easy to clean for traveling. ¬†So that’s when I stumbled upon this beauty! ¬†I absolutely love it and will buy more when I want to switch things up! I went with the Zippered tote because the actual diaper bag was much bigger and doesn’t zip. ¬†This one obviously zips and is small enough to carry everywhere, the perfect size! It was a tough call between the two but I would say I made a good decision for my needs/wants!¬†¬†I would highly recommend checking Barrington out for other bags, they have adorable patterns and a great selection to choose from! You will get 10% off when you shop with the link above! ¬† I bought¬†the Spring 2016 Collection Gray and white stripe. See picture below.

All of the products are combined! Click for more details…IMG_353E9A8C044D-1