A Little Bit of Everything

I can’t believe next week is Thanksgiving! Ahh my favorite holiday– so excited to celebrate another year, but first let me catch you up on our lives lately. Seriously it’s a little bit of everything!

Grayson finished his first soccer season at the end of October! I know right, 2 year old soccer?!

He loved it! It was a learning (practice) each week and was entertaining to watch him develop. From week 1, when he mostly stood and watched the other teammates do their thing to the final week when he couldn’t wait to use the new drills he had learned every chance he got ⚽️

Grant and I had an amazing evening at the Taste for Freedom Banquet, put on by Destiny Rescue. Over 100 girls were rescued through donations that evening🙌🏼

A few last fall moments outside!

A little Sunday morning breakfast before church turned into yoga and reading the newspaper🤣

Halloween was a bit of a blur over here! We had a few people in for dinner which was made for an enjoyable evening. I can’t believe it snowed! (Ok it is Michigan so maybe I can, but it’s way too soon to start winter❄️)

Grayson wanted to be a shark this year! I thought this Shark/Pajama combo was cute– once I got the fin/tale on correctly🤦🏼‍♀️

Since it was way too cold to streak around the neighborhood in a shark costume we stayed in passing out candy! He loved seeing the trick-or-treaters🎃

We welcomed our newest niece to the family on Halloween, Lily Lou Bucher. She is the sweetest! Congrats, Garrett & Jami!!

Grayson & I spent a week in Indiana while Grant “worked” in Vegas!

All of the Christmas shoppes and snow made me excited for some Christmas decorating of my own! Just putting the finishing touches on our Christmas decor here in Michigan.

Well I think that sums up what we’ve been up to lately! #life