A Little Bit of Everything

Today is a little bit of everything for your Friday enjoyment! March was a whirlwind as you all know Grayson Quinn was born on March 5th.  (Birth Story coming soon) Since then we have had lots of family come visit!  #so-thankful

We started March out with my sister Jessica coming to visit!  She came out about 2 weeks after he was born. This was such a refreshing time for myself as it had been 2 months since we had been back to Indiana.  Ok not a real long time, but long enough with having a baby in there!  The time with her was relaxing as she had been out once before and we did lots of site-seeing then.  So we opted to spend our time chatting by the pool or in the apartment while “Auntie Jess” held Grayson for hours-on-end!!  #hemissesallthatholding

We had Grayson’s newborn photos taken.

After Jessica left we had a couple of days and then more family came! My mom and some more siblings–Eric, Jared, and Hannah came over Spring Break.  My sister Michelle and niece Halle came a couple days after they arrived and stayed a couple days later. We had an amazing time with all of them. The guys hiked two different days while the ladies either shopped or laid out by the pool!

Grayson and Halle met for the first time, although I think Grayson had his eyes shut most of the time.  #sleepyhead #cousins  Excited for them to hangout again this summer when they are more awake and alert!

They even got a new cousin while everyone was out here!  Congrats to Elliott and Bridgette on their baby girl, Ariyah! #cousinsfordays

The last day they were here we spent it in San Francisco!  This was a fun adventure as we crammed all the major sites in.  #makeitworthit Then it was time to say good-byes and those are never fun! #wemissyou

Grayson turned 1 month old!

A couple of weeks later we had the next round of family! Grant’s parents and brother Zach met us in Monterey over Easter weekend.  Here we had a nice relaxing time together. We drove scenic Highway 1 towards Big Sur trying to get as far as possible before the washed out bridge.  The views of the coast were amazing!

Trent and Kelli came back to Turlock later in the week where we spent some more time together and even had a little pool time.  Thanks so much for making the trip, we had a great time together and miss you!

Last weekend we had the last of our visitors for a while. Garrett and Jami (Grant’s brother and wife) came to hangout and of course meet Grayson.  We showed them around Turlock and then spent an afternoon hiking in Yosemite! It was such a fun adventure. 😅 This was Grayson’s first hike and he did awesome!  #ergocarrier  Yet again we said good-bye and now Grayson is missing all of their snuggles.

It’s crazy that 2 months have passed since our little gift was born!  We can’t thank you all enough for taking the time to come visit and meet him… for those of you who couldn’t make the trip thanks for all the gifts, notes, love, and prayers!! We are truly blessed to have you in our lives!  We hope to see you this summer.  😘