2019, A New Adventure

Happy 2019 from our family to yours!

I truly hope you had a wonderful Christmas & New Year and as you set goals, resolutions, and start fresh that this verse would give you excitement for the good that God has in-store for the year!

It’s been another crazy month over here– We are officially moved to Michigan, Grayson is over another sickness, and the holidays some how flew by. #packingonchristmas Many have asked how I am feeling about the move to Michigan?! In October I would’ve said, “Awesome, I think it’s going to be a lot easier this time-around since I’ve done it several times.” I felt prepared and hopeful that it would be an easy transition. As November and December came life was more involved and we really settled into home in Fort Wayne. (aka apartment living) Work was fun and going well, time with family and friends was treasured and blossoming–God had truly blessed our 9 month stop in Indiana.

As the days of moving crept closer I also felt more reason to push it aside and act as if it wasn’t going to come–so that I could keep enjoying life in Indiana. (We didn’t know a final close date so that also played part into procrastination.) Then our move day came, and boy did it come fast! December 21st was the day we finally figured out that our close date on our Michigan home was going to be less than a week later on December 27th. (Nothing like some last minute packing, over Christmas.) Grayson ended up being sick the next day on the 22nd and didn’t get over a fever until the 26th. (I say this because I think it was a blessing in disguise so that we had time at home to pack. We ended up missing most of our family Christmas’s because of it.)

Grant, Grayson and I had planned to celebrate our Christmas Eve with our church family at ECC and then dinner out and gifts afterwards. Again, Grayson was sick so we stayed home. I made appetizers and dinner and we opened our gifts later that night before Grayson was too exhausted. Our evening looked a little like this…

I woke up early Christmas morning hopeful that Grayson’s fever would be gone but in-fact he felt worse than the night before. So Grant ended up taking food and gifts to my mom’s for her Christmas and we stayed in for the day. I would’ve loved to join them but it would not have been the same without my little family of 3 being together.

Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t as hard as I imagined it being “missing Christmas” again. I really didn’t understand why we were missing another Christmas (last year we were sick in Cali and so couldn’t fly to Indiana) but I figured there was something God was teaching me and therefore would just be content staying home.  It wasn’t until later that I remembered my prayer back in November before the crazy holiday season began– hopeful that this year would be different in that I would truly enjoy each moment with family and friends–not losing sight of the tiny moments that can so easily be missed by all of the planning, gift wrapping, decorating, food, get-togethers etc! {That’s a hard one for me because I LOVE it all so much 😍} My prayer went a step further in that I wanted to truly prepare room for Christ, in whatever ways that looked like this holiday season–only He could show me.

I think staying home from several family Christmas’s and not going out on Christmas Eve were a few of the ways He showed me how to prepare that room. Finding hope in Him not the things that I hold so tightly to when it comes to the holidays (if you didn’t already gather– I love traditions and all of the sentiments of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.) Nope, not this year! It wouldn’t be about the sentimental, exciting traditions of going to family Christmas or doing what we always do as a family of 3 on Christmas Eve. He helped refocus my attention to a gratitude for the years we have/do get to partake in those events and gave me simple, quiet days where Grant, Grayson and I could spend quality time with each other, celebrating the birth of Jesus!

We ended up getting everything packed and loaded by the 26th and headed to Michigan that evening so that we could be ready for closing and move-in day on the 27th. The 26th was an emotional day for me as I was quickly overcome by all of those feelings I have had so many times before, leaving a place we call home! The day was non-stop packing and loading so there wasn’t much time to waste being all emotional.

The 27th came and family helped us move in after closing (thanks so much, we couldn’t have done it alone). After they left that evening, there we were in a new home, in a new state, in an all unfamiliar place! It was exciting having a home again, so it hadn’t settled in that we were in a new place about to start all over again! #withamess

Friday, the 28th came and I went out that evening for groceries. It was a lonely evening not knowing or seeing anything/anyone familiar. On my way home, I broke down! I wasn’t ready for all of this change, not again! (I thought I was ready, and that this time was going to be different, easier. I was going to be strong and not let it get to me. Haha joke was no me!) In the midst of the emotions, I was overcome by the Holy Spirit’s comforting words: “Melinda, this is where I have called you!” How are those words comforting, you ask?! Well if it were up to me I would move out of this house and back to my apt in Fort Wayne so that I could be enjoying life there. Comfort of what I know and like. But those words remind me that by being here I’m following His plan, not mine. That I can have hope in what is to come and not fear the change. Does it make it easy, not at all. But it does make it bright and allows for light at the end of the tunnel.

So here we are, in Michigan. A new year. A new adventure and a new place to call home! I am truly excited for what God has in store for us in this next chapter of life. I look forward to sharing the adventure with you.😘

{A few more pics from our quick Grand Haven, MI photo shoot– It was freezing and extremely windy that day but when I saw these pics I thought this might be the perfect illustration of our Michigan journey–A beautiful mess! I mean look at that beach, it’s amazing but oh so treacherous and cold. #notreadyforthisweather