All Things Grayson Quinn

Posting this a little late– Wednesday, July 5, 2017– Exactly 1 year ago today we found out we were pregnant and now we have a 4 month old!   A year with Grayson Quinn–even before we heard his little heart beat, has been a joy! God has taught us so much and we are excited to see Grayson grow, passing on these lessons. (Finding out we were pregnant blog here)

Here is an update on our little mister–We want to thank everyone for all of the prayers for Grayson’s ❤️over the last 4 months.  As we left the cardiologist check-up last week we were elated to see God’s hand at work through Grayson’s heart. The doctor didn’t hear a murmur but decided to do an ECHO anyway just to see how things were really going!  As the doctor presented us with yet another outcome, they found that the VSD & PDA are closed!  These were the two holes that were the most concerning and weren’t anticipated to close.  The final one (the one that switches after birth from mom-to-baby) hasn’t closed but we were told it is completely normal and that no further follow ups are needed. The doctor then released Grayson, saying he has a normal heart!! Once again, thank you so much for the continued prayers we are beyond grateful that God has healed Grayson’s heart!  (If you missed Grayson’s Birth Story check it out here for all of the details on his heart)

Like I mentioned earlier in the post, Grayson is 4 months old! 😅 Where did those 4 months go?!  I’ve combined his 1-4 month updates, since I’ve missed posting a couple.IMG_1119IMG_1443IMG_1873IMG_1871

Thanks to 514 Photography for his 3 month photo shoot. #soserious