California Baby

I hope you all are staying healthy during this crazy time!! Today is all things California Baby. I’ve been meaning to share my favorites from Cali Baby for awhile so finally getting around to that, a perfect time to show a small business some extra love! I love their products and they make your littles smell oh so yummy😍 They have more than just baby products so check out our favs👇🏼

Things to Know:
1. I randomly registered for a couple of their baby products when Grayson was born only because I thought it was cute that we were about to have a California baby of our own, ha! Never thought I would fall in love them.

2. I am reviewing these products because they were given as part of the MOMBASSADORS program and basically I LOVE them so don’t mind sharing!

3. They have a few California Kids products (so that the older ones don’t feel like they are using baby products) but really don’t let the name fool you, the products are great for all ages! Adults too ☺️

4. Amazon sells these products as well! Get them in no time with Prime.

Let’s get started, there is so much to talk about!

Most Wanted COVID-19
Their hand sanitizer🙌🏼 will be back in stock April 6th– get on the out of stock list now if you are running low 😉 ha!

Most Used Product
It’s a toss up between these 2 lotions: The Calming Everyday Lotion I use on Grayson anytime and especially after every bath. With Gentry still having that newborn skin I use it just on extra dry places. This really does keep their skin extra soft!

The Calendula Cream is my secret ingredient to Grayson’s hair🤣 I randomly started using it when he was young since I didn’t want to use a harsh hair product on him. Cali Baby offers gel but opted for a less styled looked (not to crunchy, ha). So this became the perfect product for that! And of course still used as a body cream too!

Timeless Favorite
This Calming Shampoo & Bodywash was in the first gift set that I received when I registered way back when and have loved it ever since! Smells great, helps keep the hair and skin oh so soft!

New Favorite
For Gentry, my new favorite is the Diaper Rash Ointment! All of those dirty diapers = rash! This seriously takes care of it within a few hours. I probably should just put a little on every diaper change to prevent it🤦🏼‍♀️ Either way it’s so great!!

Other Great Products
Here are a few more that we’ve been trying… Grayson loves putting on these aroma sticks! Waiting to see how the Boo-Boo one works but the Magic Stick really does calm him down and the Bedtime stick, well I think he’s tired enough so haven’t noticed if that one is working or not.

I grabbed this for the winter as an added touch of bath time fun! They have so many bubble bath varieties here.

And a few I’ve been trying…

You can’t go wrong with any of their products–they are great! I think that wraps up Cali Baby– All of that calming bath talk is making us sleepy😉

Buy on Amazon:
Calming Everyday LotionCalendula CreamCalming Shampoo & BodywashDiaper Rash OintmentBedtime Aroma StickOvertired & Cranky Aroma StickBoo Boo StickBubble BathBody OilLavender Oil