Carmel Beach Adventure

Life lately has been crazy, but I am going to get you back up to speed on some of our adventures. 🙂  Another one of our day trips was a beautiful adventure to the coast- Carmel Beach (aka Carmel-by-the-Sea).  This is an adorable area!! The town is filled with unique family owned boutiques, galleries, bakeries, coffee shops, and design studios!  Not to mention the  blend of Old World elegance and modern-charm restaurants.  The alley’s are stone-paved and the shops have their curlicue-roofs.  This bakery in particular was one we decided to indulge in.

The town is only a couple blocks from the beach, so as we ventured that way we saw some charming streets filled with beautiful homes.  We even managed to find an open house that day so we decided to take a tour.  The home was approx 1600 sq ft, not in perfect condition and a great deal at the asking price of only $2.3 million. #grantsaidwecouldbuy2 😉

A few houses in the area just to give you a feel.
img_4177imag1931img_4181We finally made it to the beach! Let me preface the beaches in this area…they are nothing like Florida beaches.  They are rocky and beautiful, but very chilly! #notyourlayoutweather You will see lots of dogs everywhere and if you aren’t careful they will end up on your towel and even on top of you, totally unexpectedly!  People are in love with dogs out here.  If you know me, I’m anything but that!
We had a wonderful afternoon relaxing on the beach, once the dogs left that is.  We did have a couple of things on our agenda while there–It was our plan to take some pics to tell all of you that we are expecting.  So here are some of the close-ups that might have been missed with all the excitement of the big news!



So that was our day at Carmel-by-the-Sea.  We finished up by heading a little north to Santa Cruz’s Beach Boardwalk, where we had planned to eat dinner!  Santa Cruz was nothing like what we were expecting.  If you have ever been to Myrtle Beach we would compare it to a much more run down version of that.  (A large carnival on the water.)  The Thai place we were going to eat at was basically a 1 star hole-in-the-wall that looked like they might be serving the rodents found in their kitchen.  So we opted to find something else and ended up right on the shore at an outdoor grill called Ideal Bar and Grill.  It was getting late and we still had a 2 hour drive back to Turlock with an early flight out in the morning from San Francisco. #shouldvepackedourbags  None the less, it was a great day!