Celebrating ONE

We celebrated Gentry’s first birthday on January 16th! This was such a surreal party, where did a year go?! #COVID A lot of the year being quarantined, I thought a virtual party or a mask theme could be in the making, ha! Since Indiana is open we decided to find a fun location there–because in person parties are way better and we wanted to celebrate Gentry James!🎉

It took a bit to pinpoint the theme. Gentry’s name, coming from a favorite southern tv show, inspired a Southern Gentleman first birthday party. {Now who even knows what a party like that looks like?!} In the middle of winter I decided to tweak the southern theme and keep it classic with his monogram crest and colors that potentially coordinated with the space.

Keeping to that southern theme we looked into Joseph Decuis Wagyu Farm, but after a few suggestions from the restaurant coordinator we landed on the The Conservatory at Joseph Decuis instead. This was the perfect location for a charming little gentleman’s first birthday! I love the farm-to-table feature and the conservatory– light, airy, and great views of the traditional NOLA courtyard, led to somewhat southern feels!

His party was planned two weeks before–yes a bit last minute, but like I said we definitely wanted to celebrate Gentry James even if after the holidays I was a bit behind! We hoped that in the moment or 30 years later he could look back on photos and reminisce (what may have happened since we know he won’t have a clue)! Lastly, it was another chance for family to get to know Gentry a tiny bit better–it was a year of few and far greetings!

A look at his First Birthday 💙 Thanks to Bethany Lane Photography for the adorable pics to capture the sweet afternoon.

Throwing this party from Michigan was probably the best thing-to-date! Gina, the coordinator at Joseph Decuis was fantastic! She had the space prepped covering so many details that typically fall into place the day of.

She recommend a couple of local places for flowers and cake. To my surprise the Florist did more than just flowers–the balloons were all her🙌🏼

Gentry’s vanilla smash cake and mini cupcakes from the local bakery.

A few extras were a milestone banner with pictures of Gentry throughout his first year, along with note cards for guests to write him a note to open on his 18th birthday.

Family arrived and the party began🎉

Gentry devoured cake soon after! {You’d think if the party was all about the birthday boy he’d be able to fit a nap in–I forget those minor details!}

Gentry freshened up and it was time to see who really knew him with a little 20 question trivia.😉

I think everyone learned a thing or two, ha!
Uncle A & Aunt Jess knew him best💕

Cousins helped open presents and that was a wrap for the afternoon🎁

Thanks to all of those who celebrated with Gentry James!

Happy First Birthday 💙