Celebrating Three

Happy 3rd Birthday Grayson Quinn! Where did another year go?! I’m over here holding my second and this one is three😭 Ok enough with the waterworks and lets celebrate🎉

For Grayson’s birthday we celebrated in true Disney fashion with All Things Mickey Mouse. {A little throw back to Grayson’s Disney Adventures!}

A few things to note about Grayson’s 3rd–

I asked him what he wanted for his birthday all he said was a Mickey cake! Any gifts or activities? “Just a Mickey cake,” he replied. So a Mickey cake it was! I read a list of flavors to him and he chose Raspberry!

What do you want for your birthday meal?
I want fish, he said!
Ok, eat out or make it in?
Make it please.
Any sides, veggies or others I asked?
Peas….and Carrots🥕
Yeah that sums up 3!

We celebrated Grayson’s birthday week in Indiana while Grant was away and it looked a little like this:

We had a fun play date with friends! I was slacking with the pics–so a few from this summer will do!

Fun with some of the fam throughout the week…

And lots of Mickey

Year 3 was full of new things for Grayson Quinn! He really started talking, played on his first soccer team, learned his colors, shapes, letters, numbers, can spell his name, and gained a brother. He accumulated a few more airline miles– went on 6 flights in year 3 for a total of 60 flights to date✈️

36 Months
30 lbs and 36.5″
Likes- Reading, Singing, Playing Soccer, Making messes with marbles, & Being a big brother
Dislikes- Naps & Being helped
Like Dada- Still loves being outdoors and water, Building with tools
Like Mama- Going to the beach & Sweets

Reminiscing on his past birthdays ⬇️
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