Celebrating Two

Happy Saturday Friends! It’s been awhile😅 We are still here in MI, just doing life! Grayson turned 2 at the beginning of March and we have been celebrating ever since! If you didn’t know by now, I’m never mad about a reason to celebrate!! We tried to find something new/fun each day leading up to his birthday and of course on the actual day. The week after his birthday was filled with cards and gifts from others that trickled in. So I guess you could say it was 2 weeks long! And he is still saying Happy Birthday to himself😂

We started our celebration out with playtime in the snow. Grant had taken Grayson out once earlier in the winter but he didn’t like it, so it lasted all of two minutes! I decided to bundle up and take him out seeing if we could have some fun–“If mama actually played in the snow.” Well I think it worked. It took a little bit to get use to walking in the awkward boots and snow pants…

By the end he was loving it! Giggles and all😂

We finished our snow day off with some homemade hot cocoa! ☕️ He loved this so much that he was asking for more snow and “hot cocoa” every day after.

Grant found an indoor waterpark near us, so we decided to take Grayson there to celebrate– since he does love the water💦 The Gs had a great time in the water and then what I was hoping wouldn’t happen, happened– they begged me to get in! After Grant drenched me I guess it was time to get in — Grayson loved it😍

We themed his 2nd Birthday whales! 🐳 He has been into those a lot lately– underwear and all! On his actual birthday we started the morning with candles in a waffle and he wore this #2 for all of two seconds.

We spent the afternoon at Impressions 5 in Lansing. A hands on science center for all ages. I had to peel him out of the water works area when it was time to go! Like I said, he LOVES water.

Dinner was at home with a couple of Grant’s friends from the job site. The only thing Grayson said he wanted for his birthday was “cooks” (aka: cookies). So instead of cake we had whale sugar cookies–that hardly looked like whales. Oh to be 2😉

Year 2 was full of new things for Grayson Quinn! He started standing, walking, running, and talking. He learned his colors and is potty trained. He accumulated a few more air miles– went on 20 flights in year 2 for a total of 54 flights to date✈️

24 Months
26 lbs and 34″
Likes- Looking at the moon & stars, Climbing, Coloring with “marks”—markers, throwing a ball or any object for that matter, helping in the kitchen, and making messes—just so he can say “mess”
Dislikes- Being dirty and chicken
Like Dada- Still loves being outdoors and water, with the addition of building things.
Like Mama- Dancing and eating iced sugar cookies

A few pics from Grayson’s 2 year shoot with Jamie May.