Father’s Day Favorites

It’s Father’s Day weekend and we are celebrating all things Dad.
Grant, we are so thankful for you!!
You are the best daddy to Grayson Quinn & Gentry James💙

Lately we have missed seeing “Grant Bucher” as often as we’d like, but the moments together are oh so sweet!

Grayson’s favorite activity to do with Grant is build with Legos.
Grayson was excited to go to the Indianapolis 500 with Grant this year but instead ended up being sick. Grant was sweet enough to stay back and make Race Day🏁 special from home.

Gentry’s favorite activity with Grant is swimming!

A few other favorites with daddy, are golfing, mini-golfing, lawn & board games, biking, playing in the snow, baking, and story-time! He’s the best💙

Shop the links below

1. Tic Tac Toe
Grayson had a few options to choose from for a Father’s Day gift and he loved the outdoor tic tac toe! The gs were so excited to shred open the gift and start playing. #kitchenfloor

2. Custom Sugar Cookies
These are simply the cutest! I’ve been wanting to order Coco’s cookies for a special occasion and when I saw the featured Father’s Day ones I couldn’t resist!

3. Loafer
A fun twist on the typical boat shoe— Loved this for an extra Father’s Day gift!!

4. StoryBook
This was last year’s favorite and continues to be a fav around our house! Same old… Grant tears up, Grayson loves the flamingo and Gentry loves it all😍

5. “Fore The Best Dad in The Hole World” I saw this fun footprint card and thought the Gs would love painting their feet. Sadly I forgot to pack the card for our trip so that will be a late gift! ⛳️

Now for our Father’s Day Q&A. This year I’ve added Gentry’s answers too😉

Father’s Day Q&A

1. My daddy is really good at…
Grayson: basketball
Gentry: playing legos

2. What is daddy’s favorite food to eat?
Grayson: Meat
Gentry: Salmon
Grant: Burrito

3. What is daddy’s favorite hobby?
Grayson: Tell Jokes
Gentry: Play with toys
Grant- Spending time Grayson & Gentry

4. What was daddy’s first job?
Grayson: Shambaugh
Grant: Lifeguard

5. What can daddy fix?
Grayson: the deck
Gentry: hmm…

6. He cooks/bakes the yummiest…
Grayson: Cookies
Gentry: Scones

7. What is daddy’s favorite holiday?
Grayson: Father’s Day
Gentry: Christmas
Grant: July 4th

8. Daddy and I like to _____ together.
Grayson: play legos
Gentry: play with mama
Grant: build stuff w/ Grayson & tickle Gentry

9. What is daddy’s favorite color?
Grayson: Red
Gentry: Blue & Green
Grant: Blue

10. I love my daddy because…
Grayson: because he’s fun to play with
Gentry: play toys & legos & treats

I hope you all have a blessed Father’s Day weekend celebrating the Dad’s in your life💙