Favorite {Reads} Friday

Happy Friday!! Each year I look forward to setting New Year’s resolutions in hopes to better something about myself or learn a new hobby with hope that in the end it becomes part of my lifestyle not just a resolution! {At very least I tried something new.}

Last year, one of my resolutions was to read a book a month! I didn’t quite finish one book in each month but over the course of the year I did manage to read at least 12.  {Not too shabby when I used to barely get 1 read every couple of years😅}  This resolution was really good for me, in that I now love reading and am excited about finding fun new reads! I realized something recently after being asked the question, “What inspires you to be creative?”  {Which by the way is a great question to ask yourself!🙌🏼} After much thought I came to the conclusion that reading has inspired much of my passion and excitement for God’s vision with my life!  So if nothing else, find what inspires you.

I wanted to share a little review from each book I read in case you are looking for a new read for the year! Some are definitely better than others, but I will leave that to you to decide. My 2017 reads were:

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I tend towards the self-help books but it’s always refreshing to toss in a fun novel every now and again! This series is 👌🏼 I read the 2nd one last month and am excited for the last in the series.  Cozy, quaint, and all of the winter feels❄️ wrapped within!

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This has been a great read for Grant and I together, learning some crucial tips for parenthood!  It allows you to discuss your opinions at the end of each chapter, allowing for us to get on “the same page” before we come upon parenting situations that we otherwise may not have considered before, let alone discussed.  The book is a great tool to have tucked away as you do life with your littles.

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A very different read from what I had expected! I love Sally’s zest for life regarding her children, “A real, little human being, requires personal attention as a flower needs real water. When this day is past, I must hope that I have used it well and invested wisely because I will never have it to live over again, and soon, very soon, the autumn of motherhood will remind us, that this season is almost over.”

A fun read and self-help at the same time.  Melanie is an enthusiastic writer who tells it like it is as she shares her (honest) stories about marriage, life, and parenthood!!


A helpful comparison of women in the Bible {such as Ruth & Naomi’s story} compared to author Sophie Hudson’s personal life–relationships she has with women along the way!  Showing the importance of friendship and finding that we may have more in common with other women than we think!

Perfect for many different seasons of life, mine just happened to be a new mama still adjusting to life in California!  My favorite quote from the book, “Sometimes you must leave the comforts of what is to embrace the potential of what will be.” 🙌🏼

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This book took me a while to dive into, but by the end I was wishing it wasn’t over!! If you like a little romance, beach, and scandal here you go! Great summer read🌴  Will be reading more this summer!


I thought this book was inspiring from a writer’s point of view.  I love how Chris took a different spin on the typical passionate love story and encapsulated an editor’s story within! I warn you it is a little more “passionate” than I’d expected😳

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 1.03.30 PM
This book is time-consuming if you really complete it thoroughly so I look forward to diving in it again when more time allows.  My favorite point made was that it’s important to first ask, “What does this passage teach me about God? before we ask it to teach us anything about ourselves.”

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An amazing (but challenging) book that cultivates love between you and your spouse, especially during the time of motherhood! It definitely opened my eyes to the unique ways I can make Grant feel loved❤️ –getting back to the basics!

By far my favorite book of the year!! You have to read it and find out for yourself, Chip & Joanna you are inspiring! “I wanted to stay comfortable, but I finally started to realize that with change comes new opportunity!”

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 1.23.26 PM

Favorite from the book: Christian friendship is not simply about going to concerts together or enjoying the same sporting event.  It is the deep oneness that develops as 2 people journey together toward the same destination, helping one another through the dangers and challenges along the way.”


Another great read, that takes you on a fun journey of making your home welcoming and loving for family and all guests who pass through! I love the examples they use to show how they make life special for their family!

This is my favorite self-help book! It’s the second time I’ve read it and just like before I am excited about the vision that God has given me for my life and how I get to serve Him!!

Another resolution from last year was to read at least one book to Grayson each day (of course this resolution didn’t start until March 5th when he arrived)😉.  This has been really great in teaching Grayson that reading is part of our daily routine!  Here are some of our favorites that you might find your littles and you enjoy too!!

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Happy Reading!!📚
{Until next time, Stay Classy}