Florida Vacation: Disney & More

How about a little Florida talk for this rainy Thursday☀ Grayson and I just got back from a week in Florida with my sister Michelle and her baby Halle. We had such a fun week together, but if I’m being honest, a Florida vaca is no longer the same as it once was.  {It used to be wake up at the crack of dawn, be at the pool/beach by the time the sun was coming up, and layout until about 5pm, with the occasional snack break in-between} Now we are lucky to be at the pool by noon, but we didn’t let that completely stop us from catching some rays! #momlife

We figured being in the Orlando area was a good option so that there were plenty of activities to do to help keep the babies entertained throughout the days! I’d say we enjoyed the activities just as much (probably even more) than they did. Our week looked a little like this…

Grayson and I flew in Thursday morning ahead of Michelle and Halle who came in that evening.


We picked them up at the airport.  #stillgettingaquainted


Friday was a relaxing day at the pool


and then to Disney Springs (which used to be Downtown Disney) for dinner and activities. We watched a free dance show, visited Ghirardelli, and had dinner at The Boathouse


Saturday was our day away to the beach. Michelle chose New Smyrna Beach, which was a fun adventure since it ended up being a drive-on beach.


You literally drive your car out there, park, and layout on the sand beside your vehicle.  I’ve been to beaches a time or two, but this was a first! #anexperienceforsure


On our way back from the beach we did a little shopping and then had an early dinner at the outlet mall.  This also happened to be St. Patrick’s Day ☘ (You know I love to celebrate holidays) so we couldn’t be lame and head in for the evening– off to Disney Springs we went! Ending the evening here at Enzo’s Hideaway 😉 where the babies stayed asleep in their strollers (most of the time) and we enjoyed music and drinks for our St. Patties festivities!! #forgottopackgreen


Sunday was another day at the condo & pool with dinner and evening activities out at Universal Studios City Walk.


After seeing what the City Walk had to offer we decided on Antojitos Mexican Cuisine for dinner–or should I say we attempted to. We were seated just in time for Grayson to let me know he was done for the evening! 😅  I walked around for a bit until he fell asleep and then met back up with Michelle and Halle for what was left of dinner. We finished the evening at the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium.  The ice cream treats here are impeccable, definitely a place to try!  🙌🏼

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 2.58.39 PM

(Random photo credit📷)

Magic Kingdom was Monday, since it was supposed to be cloudy and less hot!  It turned out to be the PERFECT day for Disney.


{I love love love Magic Kingdom and it was so fun to go again now that we ventured to Disneyland last year…if you missed my post about Disneyland vs. Disney World go here!}


Our day at Disney was a success: we saw Pluto, Elena, & Cinderella, and road many of the classics that were fun for the babies!


A couple of tips for Disney– Fast Passes and Parent Swap/Ride Share are a must (if you go with another adult that is) and having a laid back agenda helps make for an enjoyable day!






As always, Magic Kingdom, you didn’t disappoint✨

Tuesday was a blustery day so we shopped, tried out a local winery, reminisced on all of our childhood Florida Vacations by driving around the Kissimmee/Celebration area and ended the evening with pizza from our family’s classic, Flippers!  {We had Flippers on a family vaca way back when and one of us tossed our full plate of pizza on the floor.  #youhadtobethere}


Wednesday being our last full day there we made our way to the pool even if we were a bit chilly in the windy 66 degree weather! After laying out we headed back to Disney Springs for one last hurrah! {If you can’t tell, we kinda love that place.}  We had dinner at  Raglan Road, this is definitely a favorite at Disney Springs and I love their live Irish dancing for dinner entertainment👌🏼

It was a great week in Florida, thankful for the memories with Michelle, Halle💜 and of course Grayson Quinn💙

{As always–Until Next time, Stay Classy}

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