Friday Favorites–Fall Edition🍂

Cheers to another Friday!!🥂

Today I am sharing some fun Fall favorites that I think you might find you love just as much! Be sure to read all of the way through, as I am doing another Friday Giveaway!!Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 8.24.18 PM

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For today’s food favorite I’m sharing this amazing Pear & Gorgonzola Flatbread recipe, which I can’t take credit for but wish I could because it’s great!  It is perfect for a quick pizza night and is even better since pears are in season! I tweaked the recipe just a little by using these garlic and herb flatbreads. Which I keep on hand (in the freezer) to make other flatbreads when we are craving a last-minute pizza night.  I mean who doesn’t love them some pizza?!

This flat bread has the most amazing flavors and it's done in 15 minutes!!

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A favorite for some DIY relaxation is this charcoal mask! One of the reasons I love it is because it gives my face a deep cleanse; it’s so refreshing and makes it feel smooth! Not to mention all of the other amazing benefits!  Click below to get $3 off your mask👇🏼

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Not sure about you but I always love a little decor on the table, especially for the holidays!  This display is very simple and is super easy for those who don’t have much time to decorate.
• For the base items I used pieces that I can transition into other seasons as well. The hurricane vases you can leave out all year (I have had those out for a full year now).
• Change out the vase filler or leave them with a candle only.
• Take away the pumpkins and the fall stems –adding season appropriate ones along with other preferred accents.
• The table runner can be used all year if desired!
{A side note for those who are busy with work, parentlife, or whatever it may be–sometimes you just have to get creative with where to find decor.  I bought these at the local grocery store in the floral dept. Safeway for the win🙌🏼}
Click to shop my Thanksgiving Table🍂

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Black Friday is almost here– and if you are anything like my family, it is basically a holiday. 😳 Our tradition is to go Black Friday shopping with my mom, aunts, and then all of my cousins–girls that is (I’m pretty sure the guys just make fun of us, but deep down wish they could be us)! 😂 Our normal routine is to leave Thanksgiving evening after we have celebrated Thanksgiving for the day together. Our shopping usually lasts until about 2 pm on Black Friday, even though we are pretty much zombies at 7 am!  We definitely have our share of Starbucks, laughter, and food.


Here are a couple of pics with a mix of the cousins who have attempted shopping–last year we even had the privilege of showing a couple exchange students what it’s like to Black Friday shop!  We will miss having you along this year–Salsa & Salta.

My most memorable Black Friday deal was when we went into Bath and Body Works with (no-joke) at least 20 coupons–you name it we had it!  So we put everything that we wanted to purchase on one transaction along with all 20 coupons (for some reason they let us use them all) and our total was like $52 for 100+ items. (avg of 50 cents per item= not too shabby👌🏼) These weren’t cheap items either.  We had at least 6- three wick candles (reg $24.50) and the cheapest item being hand soaps (reg $6.50)!  #werobbedthem

If you aren’t about that Black Friday shopping (in-store) you should definitely check out the online deals!  I also do online shopping in the midst of our in-store shopping. On top of the Black Friday deals (and Cyber Monday) you can use Ebates!! I know I’ve mentioned it before but seriously don’t forget to use it (those days especially) you will get cash back for simply buying online! It’s a free $10 right away. #itpaystoshop


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One of our October adventures was to this local pumpkin patch–which is also one of our favorite fruit stands just outside of Turlock!  We had a fun evening pulling Grayson in the wagon and seeing him delight in the sea of pumpkins.  I know it’s getting a little late in the season for this but if you are looking for a quick adventure for your family or a festive date night check out a local pumpkin patch, apple orchard, or even corn maze.  They make for the perfect fall memories!  #greatphotoopts🎃


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If you haven’t read this book yet it’s a must!! It’s a quick, easy read; which makes it all the better.  I loved reading about Chip & Joanna’s story and how they have kept God first through all of the highs and lows of life! Their business story is incredible, how God has paved each stepping stone for them, prepping them for something MORE! You can purchase it here. {Use Code DAYMAKER for 20% off $50+}  Oh and if you are fans of Chip & Joanna I’m sure you already know about their Magnolia line at Target, but just in case, check it out here!

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I recently went to my first Scentsy party and found that they have so many fun products! I wasn’t sure if I would find anything that I liked because many scents give me headaches but after trying a couple of the fall-ish Scentsy wax bars in my chic Southern Hospitality Pineapple I found that I love them!fullsizeoutput_1f80  The waxes are reasonably priced and they have hundreds of scents.  I also love the Scentsy counter cleaner which leaves your kitchen smelling delightful!!  I loved Scentsy so much I am partnering with Katrina Woods & Whitney Pifer to bring you a Scentsy bundle! The winner receives their choice of warmer and 3 wax bars.

IMG_538CA7561BD3-1To shop all of their fun Scentsy products go here! To enter the giveaway simply tag a friend in the comments of today’s Facebook and/or Instagram post.  1 (new friend) tag = 1 entry (unlimited entries)  Giveaway closes at 11:59 pm on Sunday, November 19th. Winner will be announced here Monday, November 20th.

In the meant time, have a fabulous fall weekend🍂

Congrats 🎉to Brandi Liechty for winning the Scentsy Bundle!