Tee & Tea Time

It looks like we will be adding another little mister to the fam💙 We had so much fun celebrating with a Tee & Tea gender reveal party!

Before we get to the party here is a little peek at us finding out…

Grant, Grayson, and I went to the 20 week ultrasound at the beginning of September! We had the gender written down (along with the the revealing ultrasound pic) and placed in an envelope to be surprised at a later time. By later I mean 30 minutes, ha! {I had waited 15 weeks to know if it was a little miss or mister so why wait any longer?!}

We decided to go to the local diner for breakfast before Grant went back to work so that we could find out! The waitress happily brought Mickey pancakes out for Grayson, with either blueberries on top for a boy or strawberries for a girl.

As the waitress brought the pancakes, I may have peeked because “it’s definitely a boy,” I thought. Sure enough there were blueberries piled high.😅 Grayson just looked at the plate– when we asked him if he was excited he said, “No” and then there was Grant who was ecstatic! I was actually confused by his response because I thought he was hoping for a girl. He said he had just thought about a girl the entire time and hadn’t given thought to what a boy would look like for our family! So there you have it, our not so eventful reveal!!😂

Now on to the gender reveal party with our families. I do love a celebration🎉there is something about a party that just makes life sweet!

The following Saturday we teed off at the driving range for a Tee & Tea party!

It was a beautiful day for golf⛳️
Everyone mingled and practiced for a bit.

Then it was time to make a guess 🎀💚 Grant and I were the dividing line with people who thought (or hoped for a girl) on the left and a boy on the right! {Our vote, from before we knew, was our choice of attire.}

After their votes were in, it was time to tee off with blue-smoke filled golf balls!

On the count of 3 we all attempted to hit the ball and reveal the gender. It was more of a ripple effect!

And just like that we are having a boy💙

Then Tea Time

and a few family pics!

It was a fun morning celebrating Baby B #2💙