Gentry James • 10 Months

Happy Tuesday! Today we are talking all things Gentry James. First off, cliché as it is, I cannot believe that in 2 months he will be one! #cuethetears Despite the pandemic, I think 2020 has been pretty great because of you Gentry James💙 10 months has looked a little like this…

Throwback to 9 month pics

He LOVES putting everything into his mouth–currently all of the Christmas decor🎄

Grayson continues to be his favorite entertainment and Gentry could laugh all day with him!

He gives the best cuddles❤️

and is oh soo smiley!

Celebrated his 1st Halloween 🎃☀️🚀

Driving is a new adventure 😉

Gentry James is loveable and so much fun! You may just hear him giggling to himself😍 He’s full of curiosity, shakes his head no, says dada & mama, has a plugged tear-duct, started sleeping through the night—when his belly was finally full🤦🏼‍♀️ (Note to mamas out there they may be hungry even if you don’t think so.🤣) His first tooth broke through and he started crawling!

Gentry loves watching the sweeper and playing with electrical outlets/cords is so much fun! Christmas tree needles are currently his fav snack.
He is ecstatic about bath-time and nature has a way of captivating him🌳

He doesn’t like being constricted in ANY form. Shoes are no fun and getting his clothes changed, well good luck! 😉

Gentry James 10 months with you has flown by!