Gentry James • 7 Months

Happy Monday! I’ve been meaning to do an update on Gentry James for several months now and then life {with two} happens! Ha!! Not sure where 7 months have gone…

He is so much fun💙 We love watching him grow and develop through the new stages of baby–it’s flying by. We felt like he was a true baby for like 1 month, ha! His smiles and giggles, ahh so refreshing!!

Trying all of the fruits & veggies has been a fun adventure as he usually has more on his body and in crevices than in his mouth. He likes helping use the spoon–usually ending with him eating it and not the food. He likes everything he’s tried. Tomatoes, well he chokes on those so we’ve strayed away for now!

We think he might be teething, as he attacks anything he can find and immediately gets it to his mouth to bite down as hard as possible! His current hobby!!

When he isn’t focused on getting something into his mouth, he’s watching & playing with Grayson Quinn. He LOVES his big brother!

These two 😍 They share a room and that has been so fun!! Before Gentry could roll over in his crib, he would stretch his neck as far as possible to see Grayson. Now he just rolls over, lifts his head and has front row seats to the nightly show. 😂 They usually put themselves to sleep, ha!

He is rolling everywhere and gets up on his knees for a little crawl every now and again. He can sit, still a bit wobbly.
His cuddles and one-one time with mama are so adored❤️

He’s had 4 eye infections and been to the doctor more times than going anywhere else in his 7 months of life. He’s over the eye drops! Thankful that he is healthy!!

A few new things for 7 months:
Went on his first big trip to Gatlinburg, TN.

Attended his first wedding.

First visit to the Zoo🦁

And just like that, he’s 7 months!
Gentry James you are so loved.