Gentry James is 3🎈

Happy 3rd Birthday, Gentry James!
{A week later}

We celebrated Gentry’s third birthday with a Disney Mickey Mouse theme. He has adored Mickey for awhile and when given a few party options he didn’t hesitate, Mickey!

We started celebrating the week before on G’s bday!

A few of Mickey’s friends popped out days before THREE🎈

The Menu
I asked Gentry what he wanted to eat for his birthday.
Cake, he said! ✔️
I guess I wasn’t specific enough, “for dinner?”
After a Q&A he decided upon
Tomato Bisque, Baguette (crusty bread), and Broccoli
{Broccoli was the first thing he said, ha}
The menus get me every time 😉

The Cake
Gentry wanted a blueberry cake! Lemon blueberry or blueberry compote were the options–Lemon Blueberry for the win 🍋

Let’s Celebrate
Gentry started the morning off with Mickey banana pancakes.

Lots of love and gifts from family 🥰

We explained to Gentry that when he turned three he would no longer use the toddler sippy cups. He asked me if he could throw them away, umm yes please 🙌🏼

It was a no school day, so play all day!!
{Birthdays are national holidays, right?!}
Towards the end of the afternoon we went for a crazy pinz bowl – Gentry’s first time bowling 🎳 Grayson showed him all of the ropes!

We decided to do dinner out and celebrate with his “birthday dinner menu” the following evening!

Grayson & Gentry decorated the cake with Mickey & Friends,
and then we wrapped up the day with another celebration!

I asked Gentry a few of his favorites ⬇️

Book- Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch
Songs to sing- “Rejoice, Emmanuel”
Song to dance to- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Games- Magnetic Fun & Games
Playtime- Puzzles
Craft- Glitter Glue
School Subject– Reading
Things that go- Fire Trucks
Animal- Baby Elephant
Sport- Tennis
Bible Verse- I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14
Color- Pink and Purple
Food- Broccoli
Snack- Nuts

Flights for Gentry in year three totaled 17,
bringing his total to 31✈️

Gentry James, you are absolutely adored. You’ve learned so much in year three, thankful for the beautiful gift you are to our family💙