Gentry James is Two🎈

Happy Birthday, Gentry James!
Today we are celebrating you and a memorable year!

The Celebration
This year we celebrated with a Party Animal Theme🦒🐘 Gentry LOVES animals so when I stumbled upon this adorable animal invite I couldn’t help but want to have a “Party Animal” theme!

Each day leading up to Gentry’s birthday, he begged for the animals to POP out for a party –he was ecstatic! #itsthelittlethings

I asked Gentry if he wanted Chocolate or Vanilla cake…Nilla was the answer✔️ The bakery was booked, so Whole Foods it was. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I ordered a cake there?! I picked it up the night before and this is what I found🤣

I removed and added a few touches⬇️

The Menu
Curating a party menu is so much fun💙
Gentry is easy to please when it comes to food, so I added a few of his FAVS🍌🥖 and left the rest to what would pair well together!

The Party
We celebrated the day before Gentry’s Birthday with grandparents…

On Gentry’s birthday, I asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate, he said “blub, blub!”🐠 I thought maybe a trip to the aquarium?! No, Grayson translated and knew he wanted to visit the pet store that Grant had taken them to awhile back😂
{Gentry still has no pets, but this mama is slowly considering getting him one. #whenhecantakecareofit}

We ventured home for lunch and a mid-day celebration, bringing out the party animals🦒🐘

The rest of Gentry’s Birthday = dinner out, gifts, and bedtime 💙 He was exhausted!

Likes- Climbing, Putting Band-Aids on, Coloring on all surfaces, Reading (The Goodnight Train & Laughing with the devotional from Psalm 92:4 are his favorites), Eating🍌, Cuddling, Trains & Airplanes, Animals🦮
Dislikes- Clothes, When Mama or Dada leave–he always wants to go too!
Flights for Gentry in year two totaled 12, bringing his total to 14✈️

Gentry James you are so sweet!
We adore you and look forward to year three🎉 A few of our birthday favs here.