Grayson Quinn • 1 Year

Happy First Birthday, Grayson Quinn! I’m not sure where the past year went (or my little baby boy).  A year with Grayson has been an incredible journey!! He completely stole our hearts last March💙 If you haven’t read his birth story go here, it’s one you won’t want to miss!

It’s been a while since I gave you an update on the little mister so why not on his birthday, perfect way to celebrate him!! #birthdayweek🎉


Grayson Quinn is on the move more than ever as he started crawling about a month ago. He’s pulling himself up, cruising, and ready to walk any day he decides to!! He has had a month of teething as his first 3 popped through and 1 more on its way.  He loves food and isn’t a picky eater. Veggies are his favorite! His favorite toys are anything other than actual toys–boxes, magazines, the remote, phones etc!

Grayson Quinn has been so much fun to take along on our adventures, as he seems to look forward to the sites just as much as we do! He is curious and observant of his surroundings. (Don’t take him on in a staring contest, pretty sure he will win.) He loves being around people and may even have a little flirtatious side– always babbling and smiling at the ladies! #justlikedaddyiguess😉  He loves his sleep, takes great naps, and sleeps through the night. He had his first haircut and did amazing!


He absolutely loves nature! Birdies and trees are some of his favorites!! (I love getting him up from a nap and seeing him peer out the window to find the birdies, he is mesmerized every time.) #thelittlethings Grayson loves all things water– baths, drinking, watching, playing!  He doesn’t like socks, but does seem to enjoy the Eskimo hat😂

Grayson enjoys books, music, and babbling. He seems to have a lot to say these days–Grant and I find it hysterical when we project translations on those babbles.  #dadaishiscussword His belly laughs are contagious and I love how he brings joy to even those strangers we come in contact with!

Grayson Quinn, I love you and your beautiful heart! I’m so thankful for God’s healing hand in your life and most of all, my hope and prayer is that you find a personal relationship with Jesus!  I look forward to watching you grow– Happy Birthday💙