Grayson Quinn • 18 Months

It’s been awhile but today is {All Things Grayson Quinn} and just more of the #momlife stuff. I can’t believe it’s been a year and half since Grayson Quinn arrived (on Wednesday that is).  Life with an infant-toddler sure does change things!  {If you didn’t already know that.}  Seriously I can’t image life without him, he keeps our lives entertained–full of laughter, joy and smiles! His personality is truly flourishing each day.

Grayson Quinn loves being outside and exploring.

He is curious and oh so ornery.


He loves the ladies but admires the guys and is intrigued by what they are interested in and can accomplish.  He begs us to go on bike rides (even if the view isn’t the best😂)

and cannot get enough reading!


His favorite books these days are Busy Farm and Old McDonald Had A Band.  If he is bored with every toy, pantry item, and pot/pan you will find him in his room digging for books and sounding them out.  (His own language of course!)  He loves his dadda and looks up to him so much


and loves his mama a little too😍 (It melts my heart when we are driving and he can’t see me but says, “Mama?” Just to make sure I’m still there.)

He is observant and loves people unconditionally.


He is a great helper–picking up trash and already helping mama out when she needs it.  He loves to cook and bake, beating eggs is a favorite🥚  He is slow and steady (ok maybe not steady as he gets the hang of this walking thing–he’s always tumbling over).  He started walking at about 17 months and hasn’t looked back since. I think walking gives him a new burst of energy!

He still loves all things water💦


and shooting basketball or anything he can put through the net is a favorite as well. He seems to have no fear, unless its grooming a goat at the zoo😂 Grayson Quinn it has truly been a joy watching you grow and develop this summer!  A few everyday moments from the summer👇🏼

18 Months

24lbs and 31.5 inches
Likes- Brushing his teeth, Reading, Food, Animals, Airplanes
Dislikes- Long car rides and being confined to small spaces
Firsts- Walking, Says Hannah (also thinks his name is Hannah)
Like Daddy-  Being outdoors, Biking, Swimming
Like Mommy- Ice Cream and Blonde Hair/Blue Eyes

IMG_9749 4

Speaking of ice cream, saying all done to it looks a little like this🍦😅

Happy 18 months Grayson Quinn💙 #halfbirthday  Celebrating with 1/2 {melted} macarons and splashes in the fountain!

Ok so now a little of the #momlife talk! If you haven’t read Grayson Quinn’s Birth Story I encourage you do so before we dive into this next portion… My Postpartum Journey.  It’s been a long time coming and a story I’ve been meaning to share for awhile, feeling that small nudge to do so but hesitant.  When is a good time? What if this or that?  So here it goes, today I’m sharing my journey here. {Grab a cup of something delicious and a free moment, because it isn’t short! #abook}



Grayson Quinn’s Birth Story
Momlife: 18 Months Postpartum

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