Grayson Quinn’s Fourth🚀

Happy Birthday, Grayson Quinn!
Today we are celebrating you and another memorable year.

This year we celebrated with a Blast Off theme🚀👨🏼‍🚀

A few things to note about Grayson’s 4th–

In typical birthday fashion, Grayson chose his cake–he practically designed it! When I asked him what he wanted he got wide-eyed and listed off colors, what he wanted it to say etc. He even sketched it up, so fun💙

Dinner Menu
Crab Legs were requested and “lots of them,” he said! “Like 30 legs, no 19 would be good.” 🦀😂

I think Grayson has been counting down to his birthday since January– after celebrating Grant & Gentry! “Hey Alexa, how many days until March 5th?” he would ask every other day!

Birthday week fun looked a little like this:

Birthday Eve was celebrated with an afternoon in Grand Rapids.

Grayson laughed most of the time, saying this is a fun lunch–aka Gents throwing food everywhere!
First time venturing out to lunch with both✔️

Birthday festivities 🚀

The day after his birthday was Party Time👨🏼‍🚀

Year four was quite an adventure for Grayson Quinn! Quarantined for most of it, he managed to delight in a lot of time at home! He has a wide variety of interests and the joke around here is, “Are you 3 or 30? ” While he proceeds to respond, “40!” 😂 This sums him up pretty well! He is witty and can be an old soul at times but not afraid to be every bit of 4!

{A couple of weeks ago, Grayson and Gentry were watching a dog play fetch out the window and Grayson was commentating everything the dog was doing! I asked him if he would want to get a dog. He paused. I said maybe a smaller one? He said, yes, a small one. One that doesn’t move.😂 Like the one I cuddle with at night! #stillthree}

He learned how to count to infinity and beyond 🚀, write, started to read, add, subtract, memorize anything he sets his mind to, and played his second soccer season. Despite COVID he gained a few airline miles for a whole 2 flights in year four and brought his total to 62 flights-to-date✈️

I asked Grayson a few of his favorites ⬇️

Book- Dr. Suess Books
Songs to sing- ALL CHRISTMAS MUSIC (he is still listening since Christmas)
Song to dance to- Michael Bublé 😂 #40
Games- Go-Fish, Memory, Phase 10, Rummie
Playtime- Marbles, Legos, Hide & Go-Seek, Throwing Ball, Reading
Craft- Painting with Bubble paint
School Subject– Math
Things that go- Construction Trucks, Race Cars, Boats
Animal- Sharks, All Fish, Moose, Grizzly Bears, Birds
Sport- Basketball, Soccer, & Baseball
Bible Verse- Proverbs 17:17 ( I think because it was the current verse, ha!)
Color- Red & Blue
Phrase– “Old Daddy”
Food- Seafood
Snack- Bar

Happy Birthday Grayson Quinn, you are adored whether 4 or 40💙