Grayson’s First Christmas

Yay for Friday🎉 I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are staying healthy! Our Christmas wasn’t so healthy but we made the most of it! We had planned to fly back to Indiana on the Thursday before Christmas and then stay for an extended weekend, so that we could enjoy being with family and friends for Christmas!! The Thursday morning of our flight, I woke up with the flu and proceeded to give it to Grant and then Grayson. We cycled through the sickness and long story short ended up staying in California for the holiday!

It was a relaxing weekend at home: reading, watching Christmas movies and really just trying to recover with sleep after a not so fun sickness!

Thinking that we were going home for Christmas, we decided to celebrate our Christmas the week before.  (Christmas morning was a little less eventful than normal since we had already opened our gifts, but Grant always makes things special and still had a couple of gifts nestled under the tree.)


Celebrating Grayson’s first Christmas looked a little like this…

He worked intently to get the paper off, then would eat it!  He loved playing with the boxes and could’ve cared less what he actually received!  *Note to self buy him boxes!

Once Grant and I were feeling better– it was hard to tell if Grayson was better or not since he couldn’t tell us but we opted to go to the Christmas Eve service at church and then to dinner in Modesto at Galletto’s.  I think it was safe to say that Grayson let us know that he wasn’t feeling the best since he screamed in the Nursery at church–which isn’t the usual lol. 😅 We ended up leaving church early and he fell asleep on the drive so we decided to try our luck at dinner with him. He woke back up in time to eat and was in a much better mood.  We enjoyed a fun, Christmas Eve dinner together!

Galletto’s was amazing!! The food and atmosphere 👌🏼 and something I really admired was the Christian influence they tied into the music and staffing.  Definitely a recommend choice!!


Christmas day we stayed in as Grayson ended up sleeping most of the day away, I think still trying to recover!  We watched more Christmas movies, Facetimed our families and opened the last few gifts.  It was the perfect, chill day with my two boys 😍