Grayson’s Golden Birthday✨

Grayson Quinn turned five on March 5th! Happy Golden Birthday✨ A golden birthday only happens once, so why not make it extra memorable?! Today we are celebrating you Grayson Quinn and your golden year!!

A Golden Birthday = Gold Everything ✨ Grayson even suggested, “let’s have gold everything for my golden birthday!”

Asking Grayson what kind of cake he wants each year is always so thrilling because his response is unique! This year he wanted a cherry cake. Once I pinpointed just what he wanted😉 “a few sugary cherries aka Maraschino Cherries on top and regular sweet cherries inside;” the challenge of finding that type of cake was on!
After several bakeries said they didn’t make cherry cake, I thought about making it myself! Let’s be honest I would want to substitute every unhealthy ingredient in it and it would never turn out! Ha! So I didn’t attempt.

The week of his birthday I stumbled upon a new bakery and I couldn’t believe it but they had the cutest 6″ black forest cake topped with Maraschinos 👌🏼 Cake✔️

The Menu
I asked what he wanted for dinner– that ended in “I would like cake for lunch & dinner–oatmeal for breakfast. Nothing else!” 😂 He did get what he asked for but I think he quickly realized he prefers a more balanced meal. He asked for a salad for dinner instead of more cake!🤣

The Party
This year we celebrated the four of us, with fun activities that Grayson enjoys!

Family swim at Goldfish Swim School earlier in the week


All Things Legos

and ended with a day after brunch trying this local crêperie.

(We even had a few guests over the night before through his birthday morning!)

Grayson Quinn, we love celebrating you! You are adored and bring so many inquisitive ideas, intentionality, and laughter to our family💙

I asked Grayson a few of his favorites ⬇️
Book- Curious George
Songs to sing- Still Christmas Music
Song to dance to- Yummy
Games- Play 9 & The USA Game
Playtime- Legos, Marble Tracks, & Construction Trucks
Craft- Painting
School Subject– Reading
Things that go- Airplanes, Trains, & Helicopters
Animal- Starfish, Bears, & Llamas
Sport- Basketball, Soccer, Snowboarding, & Swimming
Bible Verse- Proverbs 3:5-6
Color- Grey & Red
Food- Raw carrots, cucumbers, pickled ginger, sausage, & cherries