Happy Easter

He is risen🌷 As I’m sure was the case for most, Easter Sunday looked a little different for us this year. In all disclosure, it wasn’t that different for me. Last year was when Easter really changed. I LOVE celebrating the holidays and all of the fluff that each brings–decor, yummy food, curated drinks, gifts & treats, and quality time with the fam!

Last year, I randomly felt led to be in our church’s Easter choir–let’s be honest I didn’t really want to but long story short, truly felt a nudge to join! Ha!

So to choir practice I went several times throughout Holy Week. There were three services on Sunday in which the choir was required to be at all. Knowing that I had to be at church for all three services, when I knew I’d want to be at home making Easter extra special for my fam, had me feeling a bit disappointed. Next, I found out that we had to wear earth-tones or something dark while singing in the choir and I about croaked. I love getting the white wardrobe started on Easter–not to mention the fun exotic colors, yes please! 🙌🏼 Not this year!! The list kept lengthening for traditions that were going out the window.

Grant didn’t even make it into church that Sunday because of a few other things he was in charge of–I was disappointed yet again. No Easter picture at church, Grant couldn’t see me in the choir, 😂 we couldn’t worship together on Easter, and our plans for Easter lunch were a hot mess.

In each service we sang these three songs:
Stand in Your Love
Glorious Day

By the end of the day these weren’t just songs to sing, going through the motions, but were truly my prayer to Christ. A celebration–that He is alive, a thank you- for His sacrifice for me,”When He called my name and I ran out of that grave.”

In your name I come alive. To declare your victory.
The resurrected king. Is resurrecting me.

Resurrection By: Elevation Worship

This verse from Elevation Worship’s song was truly the theme of the service! I was there to do one thing and one thing alone, declare His victory, giving Him all of the glory! This Easter was going to be all about him. Easter Sunday 2019 came and went and you know what–it was the most memorable Easter ever!!

When I say Easter wasn’t that different for me this year here is what I mean… Whether I’m at home having Easter service in my living room or at church for a typical Easter service
Eating an elaborate meal or just a quick leftover I find in the fridge
Dressed in my Sunday best or in my pajamas
Go to an Easter egg hunt or makeshift an egg hunt in my basement
well you get the idea…

It doesn’t matter! All Christ wants is our heart. He doesn’t care if we come dressed in white seersucker or jeans and a black tee–the glory is all of His. I loved that this year in the middle of a pandemic I had 2019 to look back on with delight and strive to make 2020 an Easter to remember. Not being disappointed that Easter lunch got cancelled or that church was in the living room or that the egg hunt was in the basement.

Instead being excited that “I can stand in His love, that fear doesn’t stand a chance when I stand in His love.” And above all of the fluff, HE will be glorified!

I truly hope you had a blessed Easter with Easter traditions and fun but above all I pray you know the true meaning of why we celebrate ✝️

A little peek at our Easter week👇🏼