Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day! It’s been far too long friends. June, well it might be half over but let’s just say I love this month 💕 Summer & my birthday month, definitely a favorite!

Let’s catch up on a little of our life lately. We are still in Michigan, patiently waiting for what is next with Grant’s job. Another project is insight–he hopes to run the next one. What was October 2020 is now 2021? 2022? who even knows🤷🏼‍♀️ I am enjoying the moments of where we are–trust me I’ve come a long way since September of 2015 when I couldn’t stand the unknown. Now it is the norm! So, Michigan it is!

Grayson and Gentry are busy as ever! Gentry just started walking (can’t say he’s fully there yet) but more walking than crawling. He loves climbing, dancing, anything with a button, being outside, swimming, waving, and is into EVERYTHING! He is oh so cuddly! He is starting to piece a few words together like Wawa💦 Bunnut {Button} Moo🐮 Out {Fitting, since his favorite place is outside} Nack {Snack} Mooor {More} Ott {Hot}

Grayson is learning so many new things {exactly what he told me this week.😉} He is working hard at learning to ride a bicycle, swimming, reading, building anything with Grant, “teaching Gentry all of the stuff,” and even how to drive an excavator lol. After a Saturday of working outside, I asked him, “What was a fun thing you did today?” He responded, “Nothing was really fun, I just worked all day.” Funny thing was he chose to work all day with Grant😜 #FourorForty

Now back to Father’s Day!
Can I just take a moment to give Grant a little shout out. We may be bias but he’s the best Dad!! He loves Grayson & Gentry so well and keeps our family going. Aside from the billion working hours he puts in, the Gs enjoy –bike rides, make believe story-time, Bible stories, building, golfing, long-boarding, soccer, swimming, random dance party music, trips to Lowe’s, making homemade ice cream, Daddy Day Care {#survivalmode}, visiting the job-site, lunch dates, and the list goes on…They absolutely adore him💙 Grant, thanks for being the Godly leader in our home, so incredibly giving, devoted, and genuinely one-of-a-kind. We Love you!

Now for a Father’s Day Trivia, “All About Daddy.”

1. When is daddy’s birthday?
Grayson: June, no, July, no–January
Grant: January
2. What is daddy’s favorite color?
Grayson: Green (his eyes)
Grant: Green
3. How much education has daddy completed?
Grayson: Little bit
Grant: MBA
4. What is your Daddy’s favorite food?
Grayson: Pork, Radish, Yogurt Cucumbers & Sugary Pears {French-inspired dinner Grant made the night before 😂}
Grant: Burritos
5. Which would Daddy prefer NOT to do? a) Yardwork b) Laundry c) Car Maintenance
Grayson: All of them
Grant: Car Maintenance
6. If Daddy could do anything he wanted for 3 hours, what would it be?
Grayson: Basketball with me
Grant: Build Rube Goldberg Machines with the gs.
7. If Daddy were to pick a vacation, which would he prefer?
Grayson: Florida
Grant: Anything in the Mountains
8. Which of these does daddy prefer to watch? a) Basketball b) Football c) Soccer d) Golf e) Baseball
Grayson: I’d say golf
Grant: Football
9. What is your dad’s favorite TV show?
Grayson: Racecars
Grant: The Chosen
10. What is daddy’s favorite dessert?
Grayson: Ice Cream
Grant: Ice Cream
11. What is daddy’s favorite holiday?
Grayson: Christmas Music🎶😉
Grant: 4th Of July
12. Can you tell me of the best bedtime story daddy has ever told you?
“The ornery chipmunk story, it was soo funny! So many chipmunks wrecked all of the stuff that we built.”
13. Describe daddy…
Tall & Handsome
14. What is daddy’s favorite drink?
Sparkling Water
15. Is daddy a morning or a night person?
Night person
16. Can daddy touch his toes?
17. What is daddy good at?
Making Food
18. One thing you love about daddy?
How he takes care of us
19. How are you like daddy?
Both like building
20. Daddy’s Favorite song
Grayson: Hooked on a feeling
Grant: Run to the Father

I truly hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day celebrating the dads in your life💙