Let’s Look: Favorite Traditions

Hi Friends! Two times in a week, why not celebrate the Most Wonderful Time of Year together?! ❤️

Today is a linkup with other blogs and we are talking all things “Favorite Traditions!”

Traditions are simply special! They connect families, warm hearts, and leave you reflecting on the little moments that may have otherwise slipped by without second thought. Growing up we had so many fun traditions and now I get to create ones with my family😍

Traditions have looked different in the last few years. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE doing the same thing, same time/place as the year before, but what I’ve found to be the most lasting traditions are the ones that are established and then grow with your family.

Night of Lights

One of my favorite past traditions- A night viewing the Embassy Christmas trees in Fort Wayne. We did this for years, decorated a tree one year, and now are lucky if we even make it! Tweaking this tradition (so when it doesn’t work for us to go) we have the lights at home! The more trees the merrier and the more lights the merriest😉 {Let’s just say there are 1300 lights on one of our trees— partly because it’s ancient and partly because you can’t go wrong with lights.}

12 Days of Christmas

G and I started this when we were first married, getting each other little gifts every other day before Christmas. It’s now become 12 days of giving and we do special things for others- both big and small!

Live Christmas Tree

Each year since Grayson’s 1st Christmas we add at least one real tree into the mix! This is always so fun and adds to the night of lights tradition⤴️ Where we get the tree varies from —tree farms, to farm markets, cut down your own, deliveries, or even the Chevy Chase motto- get the biggest one yourself, Ha! Whatever the season holds we try to find one🎄


After dinner, we sit at the table sometimes for a minute other nights for hours! Some nights with little to say and others the words are in abundance. There is usually a giggle or two, food tossed places you don’t even want to think about, and on most occasions a cheers🥂. (Usually just water😜) During the Christmas season we read this advent devotional and light candles as we prepare for celebrating the birth of Jesus! This has become a favorite! Such a sweet time gathering around the table.

Hot Cocoa & Lights

Hot cocoa is always paired with Christmas lights-whether driving around neighborhoods in pajamas, watching dada put them up at our house, or mama string them on the Christmas tree they all end in Hot Cocoa☕️

Other Festive Fun

All throughout the season there are gingerbread houses being built, decorating cutout cookies, roasting chestnuts, and Christmas movies being watched! If there is a fun Christmas(y) event, we are in!

That wraps up a few of our Christmas traditions🎄