Life Lately

Happy Monday! Only 19 Days until Christmas🎄

It’s been a minute–our Life Lately has been memorable!

As Grant puts it, “Our Thanksgiving gift was the old Covid-19!” Ha! A week ago, Grant and I came down with Covid. Not really a surprise with the close contact we had. More of a, “Ok now what do we do?” Grant had been prepping for this week for months prior! {One of the biggest for him with work and travel.} It was going to take some figuring out. #workfromhome

How it started…

After a day inside, we headed for the trail!

We both were extra achy after that but if felt great to get out!

Midweek everyone was a bit crazy! 😂 Gentry shredded new rolls of paper towel and Grayson gladly joined the party- it all ended in what they called their “sandwich.”

The end of the week called for Christmas fun and lots of laughs!

Gingerbread Houses

Gentry and I made a barn- if you can call it that. First off, the barn came with less icing than what was called for— so we had a few issues keeping it together. Not to mention that mama can’t follow directions, lacks patience to watch icing dry, and the candy decor was somehow dwindling. #munched 😂😂

Grayson’s treehouse was by far the best I’ve seen since we started making these gingerbread creations a few years back. I think there is something to the fact that I didn’t help him🤔

Grayson and I got up early the next morning and made another classic house together–This time I followed instructions😉

Hot Cocoa & Lights🎄

We waited way too long to decide that we wanted exterior lights up this season– so the only option was Grant getting up there– COVID, snow/ice/rain and all!

No doubt it was a hard week but it’s these times that I cherish the most! What started out looking like a rough week ended in memorable, sweet time, with my family! I couldn’t agree more with the words from my Advent study

“Let us take heed that affliction does us good, as it did to Zecharias. … Sanctified afflictions are spiritual promotions. The sorrow that humbles us, and drives us nearer to God, is a blessing and downright gain.”

Expository Thoughts on the Gospels, J.C. Ryle