Life Lately

It’s crazy that we have been living in Turlock for over a year now! We have definitely made this our home (for the time being) which has been good in that we aren’t always wishing it away!  Crossroads Church Turlock, which I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts, is the church we are still attending.  We have felt blessed to find such a welcoming church for our short time here.  The marriage-small group that we are a part of is uplifting and we are grateful for the friendships that have blossomed from that, making this place feel a little more like home.

Our free moments lately have consisted of hanging out with this little mister! #lovesreading

We recently had friends from Indiana come visit!! We had an uplifting couple of days with Jay & Lynnae; and our trip to Napa Valley with them was a blast!  We were all first timers to the area, so it was fun for us to experience it together! I think we would all agree that our first stop at Durant & Booth was 👌🏼.


Well maybe everyone… #thatface

This winery is a Victorian house that was recently restored and transformed into a chic boutique tasting salon–different from the other tasting rooms in the area.

Next door to the winery is Oakville Grocery.

This place has a delectable choice of gourmet sandwiches, salads, impeccable sweets such as tarts and macaroons, along with so much more! The perfect place to pick up lunch and then enjoy on the patio at Durant & Booth.

Our tasting coordinator was extremely friendly and even showed Grayson the ropes to chewing on a wine cork to help with teething!  I guess they start them young 🙄 🍼


Our next stop was Velo Vino Winery–and we basically did just that–stop, took a short walk through, snapped a pic, and left.  We didn’t love the atmosphere for our Napa Valley wine experience, so we kept moving.  **Fun fact–the owners of this winery also created the Clif Bar. Now those we love!


Our last winery for the day was Alpha Omega.  Their location really caught our eye with the fountains out front.  This was another fun one–but once again we had set the bar high with going to Durant & Booth first.  AO has a twist of both Old & New World feels all while tying in the Napa Valley farming community experience.

We had a great couple of days with Jay & Lynnae–thanks so much for taking the time to come and visit, we loved having you!

Last weekend Grant and I managed to have our first date night in California since Grayson was born.  We have been so busy that we hadn’t carved out time for finding a babysitter out here.  Long story short, we had some recommendations for sitters and made it happen!  6:00pm on Saturday came and we ran out the door like two giddy school kids. I don’t know if that was because we were so excited for our first date or that we felt like we had to rush because we had curfew.😂 Next time we will give ourselves plenty of time, since we usually like to stay out late.

We had dinner at Dewz in Modesto (the city 20 minutes north of Turlock).  This was another new place that had been recommended to us!  The food and atmosphere were great but I must say the company was even better. 😉 It was a much needed–refreshing time away.


and that’s our life lately…