Life Lately

Happy Friday🎉 Phew, where did September go?! The last couple of weeks have been crazy!  #life

Two weeks ago I managed to get free tickets for the Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) show.  These were a little different from the normal tickets they have for the Monday & Tuesday night live show event.  For the special 25th Anniversary premiere they needed extras (basically like a flash-mob) to dance behind the pros and stars–um yeah, sign me up! 🙋🏼  Of course I did sign up for the tickets (I love DWTS & love to dance) and sure enough I received two.

Long story short, Grant was going to join me on the show but we couldn’t find a babysitter for the random times needed and no children under 14 were allowed on set. Grant decided he would take Grayson hiking instead, while I went dancing. #momlife😂💃🏼 (Not sure you call that the mom life but hey you do what you can.)

We packed up at 1pm on Thursday and headed for LA to make it to the 8pm airing (arriving a little early because it was first come first in line). Ok so this whole experience was incredible!  I’m a sucker for  the “lights, camera, action.”  #hollywoodlife🎬  We were given an address to a secluded estate that was hidden in the middle of nowhere!  This is where several movies have been filmed–Parent Trap and Grease are two that I heard mentioned.  I wish I could’ve taken lots of pictures but cameras were limited and I just wanted to enjoy the experience–the ones I did get aren’t very good but it gives you a little feel.  Grant dropped me off in the middle of the desert 😂

Where I then road a bus back to the city-set that was hidden in the mountainside…

I was 25th in line which was 👌🏼because there ended up being approximately 300+ extras dancing in the flash mob!  I was on the first bus that was shuttled back to the set and in-turn allowed me a perfect spot on the street for dancing–front row!!

From a distance we watched the stars and pros tape the very first dance.  Then the producers taught us our 4-8 counts to the song “Dancing in the Street.”  #shortandsweet

The stars and pros then ventured down towards us and we were able to interact with them and mostly just stand trying to keep our jaws from dropping lol.

It was finally our time to dance with them!! So exhilarating 😅  If you missed the dance on the premiere show go here. I circled where I am at in this pic so you can know where to watch!fullsizeoutput_1850

In the meantime, this was Grant and Grayson’s adventure–hiking! They decided to climb the mountain and take pics of the set since they weren’t allowed in.

Like I said, this was an amazing experience!!  The people I would like to say thanks to (as if I was famous or something)–but really a huge thanks to Grant for making the trip with me, especially since he had to be back at work at 5:30 am. I literally dropped him off at the job site right as we rolled back into to Turlock at 5:25 am. Wasn’t even a day trip! #eveningtrip😂

That following Saturday Grant got tickets for a San Francisco Giants game.  This was another fun experience!  The stadium and food are 👌🏼 I mean the game was great too! Seriously, if you visit San Fran for more than a day, go to a game!  The view of the bay is beautiful from the top deck.

A tip for all of you new mammas–they have a mother & baby room for changing, feeding, etc!  We put this to good use towards the end of the game.

They made it special for little g’s first game… fullsizeoutput_1858I mean come on it was my first game too and I didn’t get a certificate 😂 Such a fun evening!

For a “family” date-night we tried out this new place downtown Turlock called Loza–wine and crepes served here.  We loved trying something new in Turlock and supporting this family business! Our waitress was super sweet and made the experience great!IMG_2875

Last weekend we had more friends come visit from Indiana!! Tanner, Kiersten, and their newest addition Cora all came and stayed for a night.  Kiersten and I have been friends since middle school–we can always catch up where we left off which makes for a great friendship!


The time together consisted of lots of baby! Cora was born 2 months after Grayson so we joke saying we already have their marriage pre-arranged.  They were hilarious to watch trying to interact with each other.  #lovehaterelationship💜💙

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Thanks so much for taking the time to visit, we loved having you!!

Wednesday of this week we met Grant at the job site where were we participated in the Valley Milk Pink hard hat ribbon event–put on for breast cancer awareness month!  This was such a neat event and it was great supporting Grant!


Grant–1 of 2 neon pink shirts

Well I think that catches you up on our life lately!  Until next time, stay classy💁🏼