Life Lately

Hello Friday! Anyone else ready for spring?! I know I am🙋🏼‍♀️ This Michigan weather has got me like🤣 Winter up here is a whole new level of cold!!

Life Lately has been interesting to say the least. We’ve slowly tried finding new and fun things to do, but lets just say there isn’t a whole lot here in the Dewitt/Lansing area. #itsnotcali And when it’s cold we tend to stay inside and find lots of adventure there!

Here are some of the places we’ve tried and our reviews so far😉

2 Restaurants: One was for Grant’s Birthday- Lansing Brewing Company and the other was a random family date night at Red Haven that didn’t turn out so well with Grayson ready to leave.

2 Coffee Shops: We stopped in last weekend to the Crafted Bean, what I thought was going to be a cute family-friendly coffee shop! Turns out it was a little more of an adults only atmosphere– with their “Let’s push the boundaries” motto and Black Sails theme! As the locals stared us down, walking into their quiet space with Grayson Quinn!😂

For Valentine’s Day, we met Grant in St. John’s (20 minutes north, where his project is located) at Clairmont’s Coffee for a little Valentine’s date. This was definitely a way better coffee shop to take Grayson and was a fun little place that might become a regular when we go visit Grant. It was even decorated for ❤️day!

Speaking of visiting Grant, we ventured to his job site this week and Grayson LOVED it!! I think Grant did too, oh and of course I was stoked to ride in the Buggy lol

Bakery: Grayson and I found the jackpot awhile back when we stopped in for a treat at Sweetie-licious. Their cookies are👌🏼 This place is way too fun– It’s Valentine’s Day all year in there! Note to self: going back for ❤️day! So we did. Grayson and I had a mini Valentine’s date where we sampled several treats! Thanks Sweetie-licious for the tastings.💕

The Library: Why not find the local library for new books and story-time! Grayson loves reading so it’s perfect! (Also a place we ventured for our ❤️Day date!)

4 Churches: We’ve attended one twice now and will see if it is a fit for us, but we sure do miss Fort Wayne!

4 Grocery Stores/ Markets: I’d say grocery shopping is our hobby here in MI. Not sure what that says about the area or us😂 There are 2 things I love about grocery shopping–Either not doing it at all (pickup or delivery) or going all out and making it fun–when I’m not rushed and the experience/atmosphere is👌🏼 If we are talking closest and convenient here in Dewitt our only option is Meijer. One thing I do like is that they have Shipt and I don’t have to venture in the snow for last minute groceries!

If we are talking the full experience then we head to East Lansing Whole Foods 🙌🏼 or this year round Farm Market, Horrocks! It’s our weekly tradition and so fun!! We all love it– Lots of Free Samples: coffee, popcorn, candy, and wine & beer tastings!

We tried Monticello’s Market which had a great meat selection but not sure how much we will venture there since it’s not a one-stop shop! But seriously this night I was laughing so hard😂 Grayson filled his own cart with eye level items– pies, cookies, and tried for the bananas but couldn’t reach!!

Way to many random gas station bathrooms: Grayson is potty-trained so we are constantly hearing him say “poop” and it’s always in time for that dirty gas-station bathroom! No need for a pic there😅

Well this is life lately for us! #parenthood