Life Lately-Party of 3

I have been so excited to share this post ever since July 5th.  So let me rewind to July 4th weekend…

Whew!! July 4th weekend was pretty much exhausting! (Little did I know that I was preggo) Grant & I managed to have our weekly date night Friday, before the 4th.  Weird to think that it  was our last  before we knew we were pregnant! We tried out The Golden.  It’s a fun tapas-style restaurant downtown Fort Wayne, that opened in June.  They are known for their great chefs who used to be at Joseph Decuis and their farm to table food. I absolutely loved the atmosphere and excited to have a new “regular” place to add in our rotation (when home from Cali)! I would definitely recommend trying it out.

We managed to see both families for an Independence Day Celebration! We had a cookout at my family’s on Sunday and basically ate until we couldn’t eat anymore…and by “we” I mean the ladies of the family.  #storyofourlives  Let’s just say I absolutely love spending time with these ladies and am grateful for the friendships we have!  (Who knows where the guys were, probably out long boarding or something active that we wouldn’t dare think of doing when together)
Monday, July 4th we made our way to Snow Lake in Angola to spend the day with Grant’s family.  We had a nice relaxing day there as well!  It’s always fun to take a boat ride without a care in the world…

Little did we know that we would have a BIG care in the world the very next day. Previous times when I thought I might be pregnant I would worry hoping that I wasn’t. However this time God had be preparing my heart for the news…  My devotions were a bit rushed as I was running late to meet a friend for coffee, but I did meditate on what I read in the book Jesus Calling -a short, but impactful read!  This is what I read, “You will never be in control of your life circumstances, but you can relax and trust in My control.  Instead of striving for a predictable, safe lifestyle, seek to know Me in greater depth and breadth.  I long to make your life a glorious adventure, but you must stop clinging to your old ways.”  

On one of my stops for the day I decided to pick up a pregnancy test.  Normally when I buy these I am anxious and nervous anticipating what the outcome might be, praying that I am not pregnant!! (Only because I thought we would always decide when we were ready.) That day I was calm, peaceful, and really didn’t think twice about taking the test. Once again I knew that I had learned my lesson before, to not worry!  So I got home and took the test, let it sit for 5 minutes and returned to see what it said.  Well let’s just say I have never seen a second line appear on one of those sticks and that day I saw a 2nd, faint pink line!  Ahhh!!  I looked at myself in the mirror in total disbelief!  I walked around the house, thinking can this be true?? Do I really have a baby growing inside of me?  I really need to take a second test to make sure.  So I did, and sure enough, this one had that 2nd line as well!  Yup, I’m pregnant!  #notmadaboutit

You see, there was something that had been stirring in me for a while.  I think subconsciously I knew I was pregnant.  I relied on God, not that I wasn’t going to be pregnant, but that I wouldn’t worry about whether I was pregnant or not.  I trusted in HIS control knowing this was obviously His perfect timing!  I was so excited. 🙂

I knew G would be home a little while after and scurried around trying to figure out how I was going to break the news to him!!  He got home a little earlier than anticipated and I didn’t have my full game plan in order.  So I decided to wing it.  When he got home something was a little awkward between us and he said, “I’m not sure if I should ask the question?”  I played dumb and acted like I didn’t know what he was talking about then told him that we weren’t pregnant (I knew that was what he was wanting to find out anyway.)  I thought if I could trick him now then I could have a good surprise for him later at dinner!  Well I thought wrong, because right after I said we weren’t pregnant he began saying, “Oh good…”  I couldn’t handle it so I just decided to tell him then rather than make the evening more awkward.  img_3795

He didn’t believe me at first and then finally realized that I was serious!  His reaction was adorable and told me that he was excited earlier in the day when thinking we may be pregnant.  #ithinkhewasglowing  It’s crazy how God had prepped our hearts for His perfect timing!  So we decided to celebrate the evening at my favorite restaurant, Cork and Cleaver!  It was such a surreal time, but exciting nonetheless.

Alright, so fast-forward to that next Saturday, July 9th… I had already planned a girls evening out for dinner and hanging out at TWO-EE’s winery.  This was with my sisters and Girod cousins before Grant and I left for Cali.  I was the one who had invited everyone so I knew I could not just sip water the entire evening or everyone would be suspicious!  So I ordered some wine and acted like I was sipping it throughout the evening.  Little did they know that I slowly dumped it in the grass when no-one was watching. XD I made it through the fun evening without anyone noticing me not drinking, but something I did notice was my sister, Michelle, not ordering wine… Knowing she enjoys a good glass of wine, I started wondering if she was pregnant. 😉

After TWO-EE’s everyone came over to our house to hangout. When the evening came to end everyone had left our house except for Ben and Michelle.  On their way out the door Michelle said, “We wanted to tell you before you guys left for Cali that we are pregnant!”  I couldn’t believe my ears…all I could think was, “Well do I tell her I’m pregnant too?” and “What is even going on right now?!?” (Sorry guys that my reaction wasn’t very good, I really was/am excited for you guys! lol) I proceeded to get it together and say, “Congrats!” followed by, “We are pregnant too!” They were just as stunned as we were.  Then the usual questions began to flow: When are you due? Were you trying? Do you want a boy or girl? Oh my word, we are pregnant together and due only 3 weeks apart!! 😮  They decided to spend the night and we stayed up late thinking through all the exciting news.  It was then that we decided to tell our family together.  Long story short, Ben & Michelle were gracious enough to wait on us to spread the news since we were several weeks behind them!

Fast-forward to Sunday, August 21st.  Grant and I had come home for an unexpected trip to be at Great Grandpa Isch’s funeral.  We squeezed in some time to see my family as well. While hanging out we were given some exciting yet unexpected news that Elliott and Bridgette are expecting with their 3rd and due March 25th. I about dropped my drawers when I heard this because no one had any idea Michelle and I were both expecting and all within 5 weeks from each other!

Moving forward a couple of weekends to Labor Day weekend!  This was the BIG weekend that we all had waited on for 2 months! Grant & I had been telling friends as we came in contact with them but for family we started on Friday and just finished up yesterday!  I think it’s safe to say that no one was expecting it and we received some pretty great reactions from everyone.  We tried getting some on video but failed lol. The pictures that we were able to capture were the ones that involved telling with taking a picture.  For my siblings and mom we decided to gather everyone for a family pic when we were all together for my cousin Kyle’s wedding.  (Don’t worry we kept it discreet, not to take away from their special day)  We had signs hidden in the bushes and when my cousin Brandi and her fiancé Luke started taking our pics and videoing (thanks by the way) we grabbed the signs and yelled we are pregnant!!  Here were the reactions…

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We then grabbed Bridge for a pic as well because of course we all are preggo!!  #notmom


Prior to the wedding Ben, Michelle, Grant, and I met at a random park to do a quick photo shoot so we could print pics and frame them for Dad and Grandma. #notallofthem

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And that’s a wrap of our crazy fun weekend and being pregnant together story!!

Bucher party of 3 arriving approximately March 15, 2017.