Little Miss or Little Mr

We had a great time revealing the gender of our baby to our families this past weekend!! Grant and I were both able to make it home for Thanksgiving and so we thought that would be the perfect time to tell them.  We knew the gender before we revealed it, so let me rewind to the story of how we found out.

I had my 20 week appointment in Indiana and the doctor put it in an envelope so I could take it back to Cali and share the excitement with Grant. #iwasdieingtopeek We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory where we enjoyed our time together, but let’s be honest we just wanted to find out!  Prior to the day of finding out we both thought for sure it was a girl.  That morning I woke up feeling like it was a boy while Grant still was thinking a girl.  Basically our minds had been focused on having a girl for so long, that there was little thought to the chance of having a boy!  So at dinner that night, we gave our waitress the envelope with the ultrasound so she could tell us the exciting news!  She had us close our eyes and then put the plate with cheesecake and chocolate writing in front of us.  When we opened our eyes we were shocked and couldn’t really figure out what we were having because we both were looking for the word “girl” XD After we finally saw that it said, “It’s A BOY BOY BOY” we then realized that we were having a boy!!  My next thought was what am I going to do with a boy? Lol Since the beginning of pregnancy and even before we were pregnant Grant and I always thought we would have girls.  It was just one of those instincts that I guess was wrong all along lol  So our pictures below show our reactions pretty spot on.

Grant- confused at first but seconds after, excited, happy, and ready to have a boy!!
Me-confused and scared, looking like I’m about ready to cry because I have no idea how I am going to have a boy?!!

So this excitement was 4 weeks before we revealed it to our families!  I had a lot of time to reflect and really just pray about having a boy.  (Don’t get me wrong I will love this boy so much, but it was just an utter surprise!) I guess I should have considered we might have a boy, with the amount of boys in my Girod family!  #boysfordays

So now for the Gender Reveal Party!! First of all, I love planning parties and events so I would have a party for everything if it wasn’t a burden for others, so that was the main reason for celebrating the gender in this way!  My theme for this party was Mustaches & Bows for the soon-to-be little mr or little miss. I wanted things classy so I kept the colors black and white with pops of glitter!  Grant’s parents allowed us to have it at their place since we currently have our house in Fort Wayne packed up with our transition to Cali, it was a perfect venue for the reveal portion of the party!

Everyone that came was to pick a mustache or bow for what they thought the baby was going to be and wear the pin on their shirt.  They also signed a onesie in pink or blue saying what their guess was.  The guesses showed to be pretty mixed–half for a boy & half for a girl.  Everyone ate a “mustache & bow” themed breakfast and then it was time for the reveal.  Thanks to Christi Lee Photography for all of the great pics and to Hand Lettered Faith for the adorable “Old Wives Tale Predictions” sign. (Click on any pic below to zoom in)

We ordered confetti cannons that are specifically for gender reveals so that the packaging didn’t give away the surprise.

On the count of 3 we fired them and revealed that we were having a boy!  It was such a fun celebration.  We were glad to see that they got our order correct and didn’t throw some pink in there. XDView More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More:

Thanks for all the warm wishes!!

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We are excited to meet our little mr in March. 🙂
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