Mother’s Day Weekend

Today I’m celebrating a late Mother’s Day and doing another giveaway, so read all the way through to enter {you don’t have to be a mama to win!!}

Our Mother’s Day weekend was so much fun with several random adventures– I loved spending time with my little family and celebrating a second Mother’s Day💙


Grayson Quinn, the joy you bring is unreal! I’ve said it before, but once again, being a mom takes on a whole new meaning of love.  It’s crazy how God chisels away at my heart each day, as I learn how to do this whole #momlife thing!


Anyway, our weekend started out with a date to Country Heritage Winery.  We had never been and were really surprised with how cute this place was.  “Country Heritage” perfectly describes the style, along with a beautiful outdoor landscape.



Grant and I did a tasting–let me just stop and say we aren’t in Cali anymore #freetastings🙌🏼 Grayson sat in his stroller and flirted with the little girl who was nearby.🤦🏼‍♀️  It was a quick adventure but so much fun nonetheless. We would definitely recommend trying it out if you haven’t already!!


We ran a few errands and by 9:30 pm Grayson was asleep in the vehicle.  We had planned to head home and have a late dinner there but as we were driving I spotted Don Hall’s Drive-In  (I’ve seen it before and never thought it looked appealing, but then again sleeping babies change things.)  Since Grant and I weren’t ready to call it an evening we decided to stop in and see what it was like. First of all the menu is huge and I can’t say I’d try a filet in my vehicle😂 but we did enjoy the sandwich we tried!  So if you need a fun {random} family date night try out Don Hall’s Drive-In, not too shabby!

Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day by going to ECC and then met up with Grant’s parents downtown Fort Wayne for the Mother’s Day Downtown event.  It was a fun {random} afternoon strolling through a few boutique shops and touring the new Ruth’s Chris. We completed our time together by sipping wine on TWO’ EE’s patio.



Grant, Grayson and I ended the evening with dinner at Chop’s👌🏼 (which was amazing as always) and once again Grayson enjoyed the company of the girl nearby. {I’m starting to see a theme here, he’s a lot like daddy😂}


So now on to a little giveaway (since it’s been way too long)! Today’s giveaway is the new Magnolia Table recipe book!  It doubles as a fun decorative piece for your kitchen and has yummy recipes!!  Enter here  Winner will be announced Friday, May 18th right here on the blog!!  {Until then, Stay Classy}

Congrats to Megan Keller on winning the Magnolia Table recipe book!!

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