North Carolina

Last weekend was a quick trip to Concord, North Carolina. I attended a conference there so the G’s decided to join in– making it a road-trip! We hoped to have a little fun after the conference was over and I’d say we definitely did that!

We left Thursday afternoon…

and were wide awake well into the evening!

We arrived at 2:30 am just in enough time for me to get a few hours of shut eye and be to the conference at 8:30 am. Grant and Grayson Quinn hung out at the pool most of the day and enjoyed time together.

Dinner was at Tacos4Life. We hadn’t heard of them before but learned that they donate meal4meal to feed the hungry. Such a unique story!

Saturday was the 2nd day of the conference and after I was finished we left, heading towards home. I had a great time and learned so much! #shespeaks

We had lunch downtown Charlotte at The Waterman Fish Bar. This was a great view of the city and a delicious lunch!

We then headed for the mountains– Asheville, NC. Grant had been to the Biltmore before, but thought it might be something I would enjoy too so we stopped there. He was right this place is gorgeous!

I was intrigued to read about George Vanderbilt’s vision for the estate. “He wanted a country retreat where family and friends could escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. That vision continues today under the stewardship of his descendants as a testament to the Vanderbilt legacy of hospitality.”

The estate is truly a neat experience with one of everything to do. The mansion tour, garden tour, gift shops, cafes, restaurants, winery, live music, farmyard, horseback riding, accommodations for the overnight guests and more.

Touring the mansion looked a little like this…

A few more favorites

Next stop the Gardens & Conservatory, they were stunning!

Grant and Grayson Quinn were mesmerized by the trains that lined the Conservatory.

Grayson spotted the trolley earlier in the evening so we decided to ride it back to our vehicle instead of walking. Might have been his favorite part of the Biltmore😉

Next stop, Antler Hill Village & Winery

We waited for our reservation, while tasting at the Biltmore Winery, they even had grape juice for the littles🍷 #startingthemyoung

What we thought might be a quick stop at the Biltmore turned into a great evening-long experience🙌🏼

We left Asheville late and headed right for Michigan.
Oh wait, one greasy pit-stop at a Waffle House at 3 am. Seriously Grayson was in his pajamas and we were in some sketchy part of Cincinnati when Grant decided it was a good idea to stop😂 Grayson loved it! I think a bit slap happy, but {no joke} laughed after every bite of waffle he took! We didn’t even think to take our phones in for pics.