Our 6th Anniversary

Sunday, July 30th was Grant & I’s sixth anniversary and yesterday August 8th, marked nine years from when we first started dating (8-8-08).  These past nine years have flown by, I feel as if we have known each other forever!  Rewinding nine years ago, I couldn’t have imagined our journey together looking anything like it does today.  With God on our side–we have ventured down a beautiful path–not always easy or perfect–but it’s OURS and that’s why I love it!

Today I am grateful for the best friend that I have to do life with! I am thankful for the way that Grant challenges me to be a better wife, mom, friend, and most of all follower of Christ!  Thank you Grant for pursing Christ first and then trying to manage a crazy schedule of working 70+ hours a week, spending time with a wife & baby who would take all of your time if we could, working towards a MBA, pursing other godly friendships, finding time to stay active, traveling and the list goes on!

As we celebrated six years of marriage it was post-marked by our two favorite hobbies–traveling and trying new restaurants. We spent a relaxing weekend in Palm Springs/Palm Desert, California.  This was a place that we weren’t sure if we would visit once we move from California so we thought why not try it out?! Our hope for this trip was for it to be a relaxing getaway with (little) tourism and that it was.

We stayed here in Palm Desert which is actually 15 minutes from Palm Springs.  If you ever find yourself in the area we recommend staying in Palm Desert for accommodations.IMG_2239IMG_2198IMG_2236

We hung out at the pool most of the time, since it was 110 degrees!!

…that is when the boys weren’t bird watching…

We visited Palm Springs for the evening and really just had a great time–not having an agenda!  #workfreetrip #almost



We headed towards Turlock on Sunday after a refreshing time in So Cal.


We all were extremely happy and refreshed from our getaway 🤣 #canyousaycheesin