Our Christmas Tree🎄

It’s the second Saturday in December and that means only two more Saturdays until Christmas!  #16days (but who’s counting🙋🏼‍♀️) We are back in Turlock after a couple of fun weeks in Indiana for Thanksgiving! With spending a little more time out in California this year, during December, I wanted to at least put a tree.  I guess I should re-phrase it, I wanted to put up a tree that I could get more than a 10 count light strand on! If you missed my blog about last year’s tree–Grant was super thoughtful and put one up for me.  After spending all of December in Indiana I came back to this adorable Charley Brown tree…


I mean how can you resist the chuckle😂 #loveit

This year we put the Charley Brown tree up once again– I wanted to think of it as Grayson Quinn’s tree but instead I think it looks more like a pet’s tree because of where it’s at! #woof (We don’t even have pets😳)

We also opted for a fresh-cut pine from the local tree farm!  If you haven’t done the–pick your own fresh tree, you really should try it out!  I’m adding this to our list of Christmas traditions.


R.A.M Farms in Turlock has a really cute setup, they offer an ice rink, photo booth area and of course the tree farm! We went pretty late so the pickings were a little slim for that particular day but we found our perfect one! Not sure if every tree farm offers free delivery but they did and even helped set it up in the stand.  (Let’s just say not a bad deal when you live on the 3rd floor apartment)


Isn’t this one such a cutie?!

Before we headed home from picking our tree we made a little detour to look at Christmas lights.  Grant was prepared in that he had already asked some friends where the best lights were in town.  This neighborhood didn’t mess around– they had a sign that said “Christmas Tree Lane” and every house in the addition was required to decorate– ranging from inflatables, Nativity, Christmas, Hanukkah, Star Wars, Halloween–you name it and they had it! We had a great time just taking in the sights and sounds of the season!

Speaking of taking in the sights and sounds of the season… while we were back in Indiana we enjoyed another one of our favorite Christmas traditions going to the Embassy Festival of Trees! Grant and I started this tradition when we first moved back to Fort Wayne after college.

Each year we spend an evening downtown Fort Wayne (usually Thanksgiving Eve when they have the initial lighting ceremony) but sometimes you do what you can and just squeeze it in at some point– this year we went the week after and it was still so much fun! We usually grab something warm to drink (maybe something sweet too)


and walk around the well-known lighted sights downtown.


Then we make our way to the Embassy Theatre for the Festival of Trees! These trees are beautiful–it’s my hope to feature a tree decorated By: MK Interiors in the  lineup someday soon. 🎄


Oh and speaking of trees, prepping our fresh-cut pine and gifts looked a little like this…

Grayson loved it!

I’m keeping the tree decor simple this year because I don’t want anything else to move across the country and keep in storage!😅  I love wrapping gifts and making the gifts just as much a part of the Christmas decor as anything else, which is perfect because this is decor that I don’t have to keep.👌🏼

Our tree🎄

I hope your Christmas is Merry and Bright!
Would love to hear your Christmas traditions…
share yours in the comments below 👇🏼

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