Road Trip Day 1

July 24, 2016

Day 1

We began our journey west from Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was definitely bittersweet thinking that this wasn’t going to be our home for the next year and a half, and quickly became more of a reality as we drove away with our vehicle loaded to the ceiling.



Our first stop was in Chicago to meet some friends for breakfast.  Matt, Melissa, and their new baby Mason met us at one of their favorites called Toast. I do love me some good breakfast food and they definitely had just that. If you ever need a great breakfast place near Lincoln Park, I would recommend this cutie! After breakfast we chatted in the park with them before we had to continue our journey west.  Thanks Matt & Melissa for being such great friends and especially for the fun road trip gift- Cookie Butter.  (They introduced us to this delicious treat one weekend when were visiting them… can’t say it’s very healthy, but you’ll have that.) The time came for saying yet another goodbye and we headed towards our next destination- Des Moines, Iowa.



Let me take a step back and give you a little background as to why we are roadtrippin, for those who don’t already know!  My husband, Grant, is being trained by the company he works for to be a construction program manager. In order to get there he needs to gain some experience on the job site! The job he was assigned to just so happens to be a million miles from home, lol, in Turlock, CA. When it came time for him to relocate, I had about 2 options, stay back in Indiana, making the weeks that we see each other few and far between, or join him and make Turlock our home for a year and a half!  After much prayer and a definite leading from God I knew I was to join him on this journey.  So here we are, packed up and moving to Cali, making it a road trip to visit places and sites that we hadn’t been before!

Des Moines, Iowa was the second place on our list. Iowa is a really beautiful state!  Similar to Indiana with the farm land, but still very different.  I found it to be peaceful and unique in that everything seemed to be slower paced here. The land was smooth rolling hills that you could see for miles.  We stopped in Des Moines for dinner and even the city was calm and laid back!  We ate at a restaurant called RoCA. This was a fun romantic atmosphere with shareable plates as the theme. We split the Chicken & Waffles and  the Root Beer Pulled Pork Sliders, I know once again really healthy, but we absolutely love trying new restaurants and new foods made in creative ways!!  Here is a little feel of the restaurant just for your enjoyment!

Us in the city getting some fresh air after a 5 hour stretch from Chi.


Moving further west we ventured about 2 hours to Omaha, Nebraska!  We called it an earlier night than we had anticipated, but it was a great place to spend the night.  We stayed downtown near their baseball field, Ameritrade Park.  This was a beautiful location which seemed to be up and coming within the last couple years.  Nebraska wasn’t much different from Iowa in terms of topography but another new fun place to visit!



Day 2 coming soon!!  Feel free to like, share or leave comments as desired and even follow the blog to get new blogs right in your inbox!  Thanks for being a part of our journey:)