Summer Work Travel {Days 9-14}

I can’t believe two weeks have come and gone and we are back from Texas! It was bittersweet to leave–We were ready to eat lunches at home and not in the window sill of the Westin but the time as a family was memorable❤️
Let’s look at our last few days!!

Day 9

My Birthday🥂
Ahh I loved celebrating it in Texas!
Grant took the day off and had several activities planned…

Brunch at RH Rooftop (my favorite💕)

Next, macaron hopping around the city.
At each shoppe we shared four of their most popular flavors!
G had four stops on the list, we only made it to two!
First stop, Bisou Bisou

George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

I told Grant awhile back that it would be fun to visit the library, so today was the day. On our first trip to Dallas we snapped pics outside ✔️ and basically ran lol

We opted for an early dinner! We ran the gs hard and they weren’t going to make a late dinner tonight—- Grant had reservations at The Henry😍

Like I said before, where there is water you will find these two💦 We ended the evening on the lawn!

Day 10

Grayson carried candles everywhere on my birthday and lit them to sing & celebrate. One last celebration, the morning after🎉

The typical morning routine

A hot walk to see the Mustangs.

Swimming & then dinner at Blue Fish Sushi

Day 11

After breakfast the gs completed a hotel scavenger hunt.

We found Grant in the lobby and crashed his work party
with a sweet treat to wrap up the scavenger hunt!

Another new restaurant for the evening,
Bistro 31 in Highland Park Village!
This village is 😍

Days 12-13

Our last few days looked a little like this…
Whole Foods picnic and one last double cart ride🙌🏼



Heim Barbecue for dinner

Day 14

Time to checkout

We finished our trip off with a run through the airport!
Let’s just say I had to politely remind the gate agent that my family was aboard without me. The gate was closed for boarding by the time I took the rental car back and ran to the gate! They were hesitant but with the family card they couldn’t resist😅

Good-bye Dallas, until next time👋🏼