The Hamptons, NY

Happy {travel} Tuesday!   I’m dreaming of our recent getaway to The Hamptons😍 Before I get too excited about this destination let me just share all of the deets from our trip!

We started our fall travel out with a road trip to Long Island. We haven’t done this caliber of a road trip {ever}, (a drive-through the night for a short weekend), so we wanted to test it out and see how it went–especially with an 18 month-old. #nyinaminute I’ll keep you posted!

Neither of us had been to The Hamptons and definitely a place we wanted to experience– so why not choose a weekend and go?! Mid-September was a perfect time to visit.  Still peak season but with it being after all of the summer holidays, it was peaceful and simply relaxing!  If you aren’t familiar with The Hamptons, they are a trickle of seaside communities on Eastern Long Island’s South Fork — a summer destination for New York residents.  Here you will find: long stretches of beach and an interior of farmland, towns and villages with 18th-century shingle buildings and estates hidden behind tall boxwood hedges. We absolutely loved this area, a new favorite destination❤️

We left Friday after Grant got off work

IMG_9876 2

and drove straight through the night, arriving in The Bronx at 4:00 am.  {The typical route to Long Island from IN isn’t through The Bronx but you know it wouldn’t be a good road trip without a wrong turn and Grant pushing our luck on fuel.} As we were finding a gas station we heard Grayson throwing up in the back seat, (thankfully just a one time occurrence) so we got that cleaned up as much as possible and were back on the road with only 2 hours left to The Hamptons.

IMG_9877 2

As we were entering Long Island we stopped at the welcome center (which by the way is a super nice one) and got ready for the day.


Our check-in time wasn’t until 4:00 pm so we had a full day ahead–after 13 hours of driving, the welcome center was a much-needed place. Grayson and I snapped pics while Grant rested.

Next we were in need of a laundromat, because who really likes sitting in a smelly car seat?  So we planned our morning around the laundromat– and honestly it was perfect! We stumbled upon this laundromat in Southampton, where we could conveniently wait for the laundry while experiencing their downtown.


Seriously, everything is way too adorable!  We shopped at the One Kings Lane flagship store

and completed our time in Southampton by strolling their downtown.

IMG_9890 2IMG_9905IMG_9906

Next, we drove through Water Mill and up to Sagaponack.  We stopped at the Wölffer Estate Wine Stand.

We opted for this because we had a sleeping baby and thought it might be a quicker option instead of visiting the winery for a full tasting experience.   We found that they only do tastings at the actual winery so simply a location to purchase bottles or sit and relax sipping a glass amongst the beautiful vineyards. Too cute!!

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 2.01.42 PM

If you haven’t heard of a lobster roll you might want to get familiar–they are a big deal on the upper east coast!  I hadn’t had one before this trip, so was looking forward to trying it out.  They looked yummy but seriously I didn’t know what it was made up of. I knew Bostwicks Chowder House was a recommended eatery (chowder & lobster rolls) so as we continued on our venture we stumbled upon it as we entered East Hampton.


{We still had a sleeping baby so Grant ran in and picked up a lobster roll, the perfect lunch to-go!} When I saw what he purchased I was surprised as it wasn’t the type of roll I had pictured.  Come to find out you can get a roll two ways hot or cold.  Cold=what I was thinking we would get, which is tossed with a mayo base. {eek! I’m not a fan of mayo so glad we opted for the hot.}  Hot= this👇🏼  So delicious!! Grayson even woke up just in time to enjoy some too.


We continued through East Hampton (one place we had hoped to spend a little more time later on) and traveled farther north to Montauk.

This is another picturesque village in The Hamptons–farthest east on the peninsula.  We stopped at The Montauk Lighthouse Point for some fun and eventful pics.




The best we could get in-between crying fits!

Grayson enjoyed the turf park where he could run free for a bit.

Next stop, the beach–of course we have to hit that up! We found public parking just outside of Montauk and basked in the sun for a couple of hours at Kirk Beach.


G & I took turns walking the beach with Grayson while the other napped in the sun☀️ #roadtriplife

Then Grayson chilled reading and eating sand.⛱


By the time we finished up at the beach our accommodations were ready for check-in. As we headed that way, we did a brief shopping venture in East Hampton {home to high-end restaurants, bars and designer boutiques} because as time would tell we would be rushing if we tried to come back and experience the area for a longer length of time.  So again you do what you can when you take a trip like this.  #quickshopping  We also did a little estate perusing–Robert Downey Jr.’s  was one that we saw through the hedges.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 2.41.34 PM

To Sag Harbor we went–where we had booked accommodations for the evening! Umm yes, you can add another cute community to the list in The Hamptons✔️ We stayed at Baron’s Cove, themed the All-American Waterfront Resort–pretty much sums up this charming scape!


We checked in and freshened up after who even knows how many hours?!

We went to dinner right at Baron’s Cove in the their darling restaurant.  {Grayson was just ready for bed–so dinner ended sooner than we had hoped.}  The food was delicious nonetheless, Montauk Yellow Fin Tuna.👌🏼

It ended up working out just fine that Grayson was tired because honestly so were we! We called it an early evening so we could be rested for a few morning adventures and then the trip home!

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 3.06.54 PM

📷 Credit: Baron’s Cove

Sunday morning, I woke up to do yoga on the lawn with harbor views (or should I say hedge views😂)


while the g’s went on a bike ride.

Please, can I do yoga on their lawn every morning?!  {Baron’s Cove was serene! So many fun activities offered, perfect for longer stays.  Horseback riding, tennis, biking, yoga, kayaking, paddle boarding, saltwater pool, cabanas, fitness center and more}


We finished our activities and then packed up heading downtown to eat brunch and a quick stroll before we got back in the vehicle! We found exquisite markets for road trip treats and a few delectable cafés for something different than our typical brunch.  We dabbled tasting a little bit of everything.


Leaving The Hamptons, was bittersweet in that I was thankful to have visited but sad to leave! Our trip home was during the day and a lot of fun talking about life with G. Some of our best quality time is spent on road trips. Our weekend getaway to the Hamptons was incredible!


I said I’d keep you posted on how a quick weekend getaway like this really was… Saturday morning, after arriving we were exhausted but everything we were doing was relaxing so it made up for it.  At one point that morning Grant said, I’m not sure I would do this again and I was thinking the same thing but not saying it!😂  As we adventured through the day we saw how much fun we could have and all that we could experience even in a quick trip as such.  Leaving Sunday, we re-evaluated our time and agreed that it was great and we would certainly do it again!! #noteveryweekendtho If you have the opportunity to do a quick weekend getaway, try it out and let us know what you think!☺️

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