Tricks & Treats

Happy Halloween Friends!
Here is a quick glimpse at how we did Halloween this year🎃

At 12 am I realized I didn’t have Grayson’s costume complete–even started for that matter. I had a couple of ideas in mind but never really decided what he was going to be. Last minute as always! {I think a toddler/baby costume is so hard since they don’t just pick something out and tell you what they want to be– it’s on you get to decide!}

I ended up choosing a train conductor since he loves all things that GO! 🚥 Anytime he sees toy trains or hears a real one he is mesmerized!  So that’s what we went with.  I was holding back on my final decision since I didn’t have any great props to go with a conductor and didn’t want to spend much money on a costume. So at midnight I decided his outfit wasn’t complete without a train to go with! #diy

I used this tutorial as an inspiration but made it my own by using whatever I had on hand. I whipped this baby up in 30 minutes! Don’t look too closely you may see some packing tape😂  And I’m so glad I didn’t spend hours or money on it because Grayson Quinn hated wearing it😂🤦🏼‍♀️

IMG_0232Items Used:
1. Pampers mini box
2. Oatmeal Bin
3. Cereal Box (I never have these on hand so thankfully I had just bought some for a Halloween recipe)
4. Cardstock
5. Random Spray Paint Grant had in the closet.
6. Cotton Balls
7. Crayons

As for celebrating we’ve mostly had treats today, maybe a few tricks?! My little conductor helped me prepare a treat for a party with friends this evening, or should I say snacked the entire time?!

We tried a quick photo shoot.


I guess the tricks were on me for thinking he’d like being stuffed in a train box or wearing a hat! #fail

Grayson Quinn had this pig snout in a goodie bag so I figured why not use it for Halloween?!  He thought is was great seeing mama looking like a piggy!🐽

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{Last year I tossed together a random scarecrow–it’s always fun to have at least a partial costume on with the littles.} #throwbacks

This evening we headed to a friend’s house to pass out candy and hangout with their little pumpkin!

 It was a fun day dressing up with my little conductor!
Hope you had a fun day too🎃

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