Turks & Caicos

Happy Thursday Friends! There is nothing like sunshine and palms–and a truly relaxing vacation🌴 Today I’m reminiscing on our recent getaway to Providenciales, Turks & Caicos.

As alway, I like to preface our vacations with the planning beforehand…

Why Turks & Caicos?
There were several reasons for deciding on this vacation spot. Michigan has been anything but sunny and so sunshine was much desired.😉 The islands have some of the top rated beaches in the world–that gorgeous water tho🙌🏼 And honestly we couldn’t wait to go on a getaway to a new tropical place, where we had nothing planned–no site-seeing, not even the vacation (up until a week before) #whatwedobest.

{After Grant officially turned in his final project for the graduation of his MBA we raced out of MI so fast you wouldn’t believe it! Ha, maybe a little dramatic–but it was so nice to have Grant with us and not have homework/work etc lingering in the background!}

Did you say Turkey Cake?
Once we decided on a destination we tried explaining where we were going to Grayson–he called it “Turkey Cake.” 🤷🏼‍♀️ {I guess when you are 2 and food is on the mind, Turkey Cake is fitting😂} He was ecstatic to go on the airplane and then to “Turkey Cakes with Mama, Dada & Grays.”

Which Island?
We chose Providenciales {Provo} for it’s beautiful Grace Bay Beach and the all around serenity that the island looked to have! There are eight main islands and numerous keys– Provo with the most overnight guests. Grace Bay was also ranked #5 by Trip Advisor for top beaches this year👌🏼 I’d say it didn’t disappoint…

The Palms at Grace Bay Beach

Getting There
We flew out of Chicago, O’hare which had all around good flights to the island. Our flight was at 5am, we normally try to avoid super early flights when traveling with Grayson Quinn but we thought we’d try our luck so that we could arrive earlier in the day. We opted to leave home late Friday–midnight so that he would be asleep on the drive to Chicago. Well he was so excited to get on the airplane he stayed awake the entire trip and both flights too. #helookedexhausted But did great! {Grant and I dozed on the flights and who knows what mischief Grayson found during that time😅} We arrived in one-piece! Everything was pretty seamless– which is quite different compared to our normal routine of “getting there.”

Most of the week we stayed at this rustic beach Coriander Villa which was just down the way from Grace Bay Beach– in Turtle Cove. This was an excellent option for a family vacation. We had our own pool and path to the beach.

Towards the end of the week we switched over to The Palms resort on Grace Bay beach. {I’m never mad about the resort life, but will say the villa was a better option for that serene family vacation the we had desired.}
I loved the laid-back, luxe vibes of the resort– with it’s minimal European inspired architecture and Southern Charm touches🙌🏼

Our Vacation
We arrived Saturday afternoon and decided to grab a few groceries before we checked in.

We arrived at the Coriander late afternoon and made ourselves at home when Grant added this massive flamingo to the pool. 💕

We spent a few hours at the pool and then decided to try some local cuisine at Da Conch Shack. This place was very interesting to say the least. Eating at picnic tables and your toes in the sand.

Provo is known for Conch. {Locals pronounce it käŋk, in English it’s pronounced känch.} You can get it raw, cooked, fried– just about anyway you like it!! I think we tried them all at some point throughout the week. It was surprisingly yummy!

Day 2: Mother’s Day
Sunday was a relaxing day at the pool with the addition of a quick trip to the beach, ha! Grayson Quinn has yet to like the sand– he sat on the towel the entire time and looked at his “messy” feet covered in sand! 😂

Mother’s Day pics…

and the classic before dinner pics!

We then headed to Parallel 23 for an amazing Mother’s Day dinner!

Day 3
I started the morning off with Barre at a nearby resort! No time for pics during the class, so here is a resort pic👌🏼

Back for an afternoon at the pool and Grant’s lunch creations.

A low key, dinner at Hemingways— this place was such a fun and chill atmosphere! {So chill I forgot to take any pics.}

Day 4
Tuesday we all woke up ready for a break from the sun, so we started the morning out with a walk to Turtle Cove Marina,

strolled through a few of the Salt Mills Plaza shops, and tried to stay cool with a little frozen yogurt🍦

We continued our afternoon with a walk to the The Regent Grand for what we found to be gorgeous views and oodles of palms🌴

It wouldn’t be a day in Turks & Caicos without some sun– we ended the day on the beach. Grayson and I chilled on our towel while Grant snorkeled😉

On the way to dinner…

Dinner was at Coco Bistro— with a tropical outdoor dining vibe! The food was delectable and it was another wonderful evening with these 2 ❤️

Day 5
Vacation days just fly by!

Today was another sun filled day– with a few clouds to cool us down! Today we took the flamingo out to the ocean with us for a little fun💦

Our evening was completed by a few sunset photos that Grant had surprised me with.

Day 6
Thursday afternoon was the usual and looked a little like this…

If you didn’t read anything else, tonight’s adventure might be a must read. I seriously thought we were going to make it home from one vacation without a trip down a sketchy path or something eventful–I guess it wouldn’t be complete without one!

So I randomly stumbled upon this resort restaurant that looked to be tucked away, thick in the marsh lands of Turkey Cakes! This place looked impeccable and definitely one we had to venture to! Check it out here.

We left for our 7pm reservation at 6:45pm. So we were already pushing it– I actually didn’t realize it was down such a treacherous path or I would have recommended leaving a bit sooner! Anyway, we came to the turnoff for Amanyara. A dirt path in the middle of nowhere! #typical What wasn’t typical is that it was lined with surveillance cameras all the way out!

All was good, we even started following someone down the path so there was hope– until Grayson Quinn needed a potty break, with nowhere to go but the rocks! As we were stopped a big white van flew past us, key for later on in the story.

Back on the path we went– as we went further we started seeing that there were massive trenches throughout and points covered in who knows how deep of water. Neither of these would’ve been a problem if you were driving something bigger than a Dodge Attitude–is that even a car?! Yes, just what we happen to be driving-ha!!

Grant was pretty sure he saw a road that veered the other way a couple of miles back. I saw nothing of the sort! As we slowly passed the trenches and squealed through the water–going down hill, Grant said he was glad we didn’t have to go back this way after dinner or else we probably wouldn’t make it. (He was hopeful that we could use that other route.)

I decided to check the directions again since everything seemed to be getting worse! When I did, this is what I found–

Can you believe that? There was no road at the end to connect us to Amanyara– it looked like we were going to fall right off into the ocean. I think the path Grant saw was the correct direction! AH!! Just about this time that white van was coming back up from the ocean and Grant stopped to ask him if we could get to the resort from here. The guy said, “no and that we needed to turn around.” Oh no! I looked at Grant and have never seen him so scared in my life😂😂

He is usually the one to get us in the mess and lax on getting us out! Not this time, he was getting his undies in a tight bundle!!😉

We came up to that trench and he told me to get out and direct him💂🏼‍♂️ I thought he was joking but nope–out I went! I started directing him and then thought he was good so started worrying about capturing the moment 📸 He stopped and was ticked that I wouldn’t direct him. It was hairy! Then all of a sudden I hear rustling in the brush and see rocks tumbling down toward me–I sprinted for the car thinking an animal was coming my way only to hear Grant say that the guy from the van was walking back down to help.

I felt so bad because he probably thought I was running from him! I apologized and he saved the day– telling Grant to go the complete opposite direction over the trench💁🏼‍♀️ {That’s what you get for asking me to direct!}

I’m serious, that guy was an answer to prayer! We prayed right before I got out of the car that we could make it out of this place– it wasn’t happening with my direction! The guy even worked at the resort and told us to follow him all they way back there! 😅

When we arrived the gate keeper was dying laughing! Grant didn’t know why?! I explained it was probably one of several reasons–there was a camera near Grayson’s potty break and of course he saw the Attitude venture to the water and back with me trying to navigate us out of that mess! I’d say he had a pretty entertaining evening!!

As the gatekeeper let us through, he made it very clear to stay straight until we run into the resort– don’t turn off he insisted! 😂 He knew us too well.

We followed his parking directions and may I just point out that our Dodge Attitude wasn’t welcome with the Rovers

Oh my! We finally arrived and as we made our way in we found an immaculate oasis–everything was serene, so very quiet! The modern architecture was👌🏼 Sprawling over water all throughout!

Everything about this dining experience was stunning– the staff, atmosphere, experience, company, and food!

We started our dinner out with drinks and this amazing Crudités board.

Grayson had rainbow veggies as a starter.

I had salmon and Grant had Snake River Beef Tenderloin–both were mouth watering!

We loved every minute of this calming place–so we stayed awhile! Grayson was thrilled to feed Freddy a few more loaves😉
Of course more pics as we left!

Day 7
Today we headed to The Palms resort for our last night of vacation.

Checking in looked a little like this🙌🏼

Palms everywhere🌴

We spent the afternoon at the pool and wrapped up the day at the beach☀️

Before dinner pics

Dinner at 72° West was a beautiful way to end our vacation!

Turks and Caicos, you didn’t disappoint👌🏼

Traveling home…

That was our Turks and Caicos vacation! Definitely a recommended destination🙌🏼