Wrapping up the Summer

I hope you’ve had a great summer☀️ Crazy that it’s coming to end with schools started and September a few days away!

First let me rewind back to earlier this summer– Memorial Day was when I found out I was pregnant. I was pretty sure it was going to be a positive test (so a little more prepared for the reality of it) but props to those who are truly prepared for that news because I wasn’t, ha! It took a few weeks to wrap my mind around the thought of life with another little. It was like I was just getting settled in with having one and now we were adding another😅 Long story short–the one thing that gave me peace was knowing that it was, again, God’s perfect timing for this new little to arrive– definitely not mine!

Our little party of 3 and 1/2 went out for dinner and I broke the news to the G’s, each with a note. Grant was ecstatic!! Grayson, not so sure he understood what was going on but he did seem happy 😉

On to the 4th of July… {One of the holidays that I conveniently skipped over celebrating here on the blog} we continued telling more of our immediate family that we were expecting. I hadn’t had the first OB appointment and wasn’t exactly sure how far along I was but figured it was a better time than never with most of Grant’s family together for the holiday. #11weeks

Prior to that we had been telling word of mouth–nothing too exciting lol So I decided we needed something fun to celebrate with as we anticipated Baby #2. So we ran to the local fireworks store and tossed these together🎆

Grayson enjoyed donuts & lake time with his cousins while we were gone💕

We had a great 4th of July at the lake with the Moser family!!

We were back to Michigan for the 4th weekend and had some fun with fam coming to visit & a day trip to the beach☀️

On to a week of beginner swim lessons for Grayson Quinn

and an afternoon at the Lansing zoo with more family coming to visit!

Back to Life Lately (a little more recently)…

Our Sunday tradition this summer (when in Michigan) were afternoons at the beach in Grand Haven. Never mad about the beach☀️🏖

More fun from the summer…

Hot Cocoa & Evening Swims

I mentioned earlier that “Uncle Jared” lived with us for the summer during his internship. We loved spending time with him during his stay!! He moved out in early August to head back to college & seriously Grayson asks about him daily–thinking he will still be coming home at night!😍 #stillmisseshim

Weekends that Grant is working– Grayson and I try to find fun things to do😅 August 10th weekend just so happened to be the Mint Festival in St. John’s. We met Grant for breakfast and then Grayson and I watched the parade!

He loved gathering as much candy as possible and waving to everyone that went by!

Campouts in the living room

Hanging out with dada on the job-site

August 17th weekend we had friends come to visit! We loved getting to spend time catching up with Jay, Lynnae & their sweet girls💕

We ended the weekend in Grand Haven, hoping to spend the afternoon with friends at the beach– but got rained on instead. So we had lunch and coffee downtown! Thanks for making the trip–we hope MI wasn’t too boring😉
Well that’s a wrap for our summer!
Would love to hear what you’ve been up to👇🏼

Next week is 20 weeks and we hope to find out the gender! Like I said in my post on Social— some days Grayson thinks it’s a boy and others it’s girl.
Yesterday was boy and today he says girl🤷🏼‍♀️
What’s your vote? 💙🎀