Favorite {reads} Friday

Yay for the weekend and a good book to read! It’s never fun starting a book and then not finishing or taking forever because you don’t like it! #boring Since it’s another year and I have another list of reads from last year, I thought I’d share so you can decide for yourself if any are worth reading!

Each month I chose one either self-help, novel, devotional, or biography/autobiography to read–some months were more productive than others, hence why the 12th book isn’t complete. 😉 There were some great ones this year, check them out:

I started the year off with this great pick– Capital Gaines. If you do any type of entrepreunal work you should definitely read this and if you don’t you should still read it! Chip is a great story teller and keeps things entertaining! He is truly inspirational, hard working, and innovative. I loved reading about his journey to what is now Magnolia!

This one was a lot different than the first but that’s what I like, a variety–it’s never boring with the same author or genre. Bringing Up Boys was surprisingly very beneficial and thought-provoking. Dr. Dobson proposes great tips and reminders for parents with boys. “They aren’t the same as girls” and as a mama it’s good-to-know things that I didn’t about how boys will naturally develop–I mean how would I being a girl?! This would even be a good one for couples to read together to learn about their boys. {There is one for raising girls too, not sure how it is- but I linked it here.} Dr. Dobson touches on both the father and mother’s roles in a boys life–again great to learn more about.

This devotional was completely different from those in the past! I love how Sophie uses her daily life, “realness” to capture lessons and biblical understanding. Day 30: She shares her experience with God working on her heart to serve Him. She thought there were only a handful of ways to do so and when they weren’t fitting into her box she was frustrated and felt un-qualified. (Or that was her excuse since she was afraid.) Sophie says, “And when you surrender your passions to the Lord, you can rest assured that they’re going to intersect with someone else’s need. Someone will need to be served in a way you’re uniquely equipped to provide. He will equip you for every good work He calls you to do.”

Contrary to what we tell ourselves, we don’t all have to “suit up” the same. Decisions that seem weird to others are A-OK when they come with the Lord’s covering.

All in All Journaling Devotional By: Sophie Hudson

So Close to Amazing was super cute! It’s a quick read and DIY oriented. I didn’t know she actually gave you tutorials on “How to DIY” at the end of the chapters (not necessarily what I was looking for) but reading KariAnne’s story–full of genuine southern charm was soo refreshing! Definitely a great recommendation💕

When Life Gives You Lululemons was a random purchase in the New Zealand Airport. Who doesn’t love Lululemons? (The whole reason for reading this book.) But this read is much more than fashionable workout clothing– If you want a crazy summer read, this might be your book! (Don’t say I didn’t warn you that it’s crazy, charming, hilarious, and edgy- might be rated R).

As Emily’s successful Hollywood styling and image consulting career comes crumbling down she finds herself moving in with an old friend, Miriam, in the upscale burbs of Greenwich. “Emily Carlton doesn’t do the suburbs,” so she says! As her time progresses in the burbs and scandal is close by–Emily finds the perfect client! Miriam’s model friend, Karolina who is publicly dumped by her husband, Graham–a Senator with ambitions and motives! They aren’t letting him get away with this. So the three team up to take down Graham! Of course so much more excitement in-between.

–Google Book Review

Uninvited, where do I begin?! This book was for-real AMAZING!! When wondering if I should read this book I read the subtitle, ” Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely. I want to start by saying this book is so much more than that subtitle leads you to believe (or more than what I thought it meant). I was so confused by the subtitle and didn’t expect the book to be as raw, unveiling, tweaking, healing, and powerful as it proved to be. #dontjudgeabookbyitscover

Living Loved: It’s not deciding in my mind, I deserve to be loved. Or manipulating my heart to feel loved. It’s settling in my soul, I was created by God, who formed me because He so much loved the very thought of me. When I was nothing, He saw something and declared it good. Very good. And very loved.

Uninvited By: Lysa Terkeurst

After reading this book I was in awe of the lessons, work, and revelations that Lysa’s words shown light on in my life. She truly has a gift and I love her writing style! {The reason why I have 2 more of her books on my 2018 list!!}

Another light hearted–romantic summer read! Summer Breeze took a little time to get into but by the end I was excited for more of her books to come! New England’s Dragonfly Lake is full of the unexpected as 3 friends paths intertwine.

If you want to dig-deeper into the book of Philippians (or have been looking for a book of the Bible to read) this is a great way to do so! I used this “Bible Study” as a daily devotional guide and went through Philippians in my quiet time, but it would certainly be an awesome women’s Bible Study series too! I thoroughly enjoyed this study as we learned the Greek meaning of words–taking Paul’s writings and unraveling the deeper meanings! Not only did I enjoy it but found it to be a tool that was used to grow me.

A favorite from the study was In Philippians 3:1 Paul urged his friends, ” In addition, my brothers and sisters, rejoice in the Lord. To write to you again about this is no trouble for me and is a safeguard for you.” In this verse we looked at the Greek word for rejoice–chairō, meaning to be cheerful, find gladness, and delight. Traditionally it is also tied to the concept for grace and a word meaning leaning toward. “We do tend to lean toward that which we think will make us happy, don’t we?” YES! After numerous verse parallels throughout the Bible about rejoicing in HIM, Karen makes the connection that, “Being in God’s presence and building upon that personal relationship is where our genuine joy comes from. I loved learning the Greek meaning for Rejoice and connecting it to a fully committed relationship!

Such a refreshing read and way too many great truths that you just need to read if for yourself! Lysa covers it all in this quick read and she adds humor to help lighten the load of parenthood! A few quotes that I tucked away:

I will no longer be fooled into thinking that my kids came to me good and anything bad they do is a reflection of my poor mothering. No, kids are bad when they come to us. They have the same sin nature that causes you and me to sin, and they need a Savior just as much as we do.

A mom who embraces beauty despite imperfections is a woman whose kids know she loves being a mom.

Am I Messing Up My Kids By: Lysa Terkeurst

Southern Hospitality, Charm, and Class✔️ Reese’s Whiskey in a Teacup is full of recipes and tips on the way she does life in the south! Another delightful read that is also a cute addition to your bookshelf or table😍

This is an intense read! Another great book at that but you better be ready for unexpected things that are to come. I wasn’t sure what to expect and even after reading it am like what just happened?! This book ended up coming at the perfect time– right before another move, another big change!

When we think the process of long-suffering is unbearable, we must remember it would be deadly for God to put us up on that solid rock before we are strong, firm, and steadfast. And it would be cruel for Him to require us to sing before we have a song. There is a purpose to this process.

It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way By: Lysa Terkeurst

Ok so this is the lineup for 2018!
Capital Gains: Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Stuff
Bringing Up Boys
All In All Journaling Devotional
So Close to Amazing
When Life Gives You Lululemons
Summer Breeze
What Matters Most
Am I Messing Up My Kids
Whiskey In A Teacup
It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way

I’m excited for new reads this year and would love to hear any recommendations you have👇🏼